Where do I start learning programming ? What are the areas of programming ?

Where do I start learning programming ? What are the areas of programming ?

You want to go into the world of programming and you don’t know where to start, you look here and there and you find lots of sources and lots of code terms and you don’t know what they mean, you find people talking about the answer and you talk about the smartphone apps and the programming languages in which they’re used and you can hardly understand a letter of all this. Let it be known that programming and informatics in general is a vast sea, if not an ocean, that has multiple fields for each particular field of technology.

In this article, we will try to simplify the idea of programming and explain its areas and concepts to make it easier to take your first step and sail your ship in this vast sea.

Programming languages

To learn to code, there are languages called programming languages that have their own rules, like the languages that we know English and Russian…

To learn a language that you have to follow to speak well, programming languages have the same concept of communicating with computers, but computers don’t understand our human language, so I found programming languages as a mediator between programmers and computers that translate their ideas into specific rules and techniques that computers can understand and implement what’s called code.


Before going into the many programming languages, it’s okay to explain the most important step in programming, which is figuring out how to solve a problem in a logical sequence of ideas, and here we mean algorithms.

Algorithms are the basis for learning code that helps us understand the problem, dismantle it, and find the solution in the right way.

Programming areas

Programming areas And then algorithms come in programming languages, and to figure out which language we need to learn, we need to choose one area of programming:

Desktop Applications

Applications that are installed in the computer are an .exe extension, and the user is a single user in that they are installed on a single computer and cannot be accessed on more than one computer connected through that application, and any changes to the application data from the computer do not appear in the other users. It doesn’t take any server to work or install on a computer, and there are many programming languages available in this domain : C++/ C# / Java / JavaFx / …..

web applications

The domain of the web alone is also a vast sea. We mean that with apps and websites that we browse daily on the web and interact with, the same app can be accessed from multiple computers, and any changes in data or additions that appear in all users by privacy, with the ability to communicate between users.

The app needs a server where it can be hosted and other users can access it. The domain of the app is divided into two parts:

Design Fontends

This section includes all aspects of the user interface, from designs to colors, specific languages called HTML, CSS, and Javascript, JQuery programming languages

Backend Development

This section includes everything the user does not see, from managing the interface and site data, working with the databases, deleting or changing the data, guiding the user when signing in… that is, fully controlling the application, and the programming languages available in this section are numerous : PHP / J /…

Smartphone apps

The applications we use on our smartphones in the Android or IOS span, and the programming languages available in this domain are many : Java / Cotton /..

Each programming language requires a special program that allows code writing and execution of commands called a Framework / IDE platform, in which the rules of the used language are respected.

Now choose the domain you want to learn its language, not necessarily all languages, and try as much as possible to create apps and apply what you’re learning because the application is totally different from the theoretical, and beware of moving like a bee between programming languages in order to learn all of them because you’ll only hurt yourself.