Meanings of colors used in applications

Meanings of colors used in applications

We can’t find an app that doesn’t have any color whatsoever, a desktop app, a smartphone app, because it gives the programmer a lot of importance to the interface and the colors it uses in it, because the user doesn’t care about code, but what they care about is a simple interface, understood in attractive, eye-friendly colors.

Colors that are more consistent, more attractive, more comfortable, and that don’t alienate the user when they see them or confuse their mind.

The appropriate colors should be selected according to the object of application, because each color has its own meaning.

Color Meanings

Red color

  • Vibrant, colorful.
  • It expresses emotion.
  • the light of appetite.
  • while being used to signal danger and aggression.
  • We find it in food apps.

Blue color

  • The color of reassurance, peace, loyalty, and trust.
  • A perfect male color.
  • It inspires a sense of strength, professionalism, seriousness and integrity.
  • It stimulates communication.
  • It’s also connected to power.

We find it in hospital-oriented applications, airline companies, water, air and sea designs, social media, and government websites. It is never recommended to be used in food applications as an appetizer.

Green color

  • A color that symbolizes life, nature, environment, tranquility, confidence, honesty, beauty, and greed.
  • It gives you a sense of comfort, energy and accuracy, and expresses excitement.
  • Some of his grades are a pioneer of appetite.
  • also symbolizes material stability.

We find it in food applications, the environment, skin care products and even drug applications.

Yellow color

  • A light summer color for appetite.
  • to give a feeling of happiness and optimism.
  • It is also used as a warning.
  • It exhibits negative actions, such as deception, cowardice, and weakness.

You need to be very careful about using it. We find it in food apps.

Orange color

  • A light color of appetite.
  • It’s exciting, exciting, creative, innovative and modern-day thinking.
  • Gives a sense of happiness and warmth, fun and joy.
  • Expresses stamina.

it’s used in food applications, and so on to promote games.

Purple color

  • Royal color.
  • Soft color.
  • Romance, luxury, gentle touch.
  • To give a feeling of relief.
  • It is a sign of wealth and wealth.

Black color

  • king, neutral double-edged color.
  • A symbol of strength and excitement.
  • A symbol of strength and one of the most striking colors.
  • on the other hand it indicate bad and black.

White color

  • Purity and simplicity.
  • It allows other colors to have an appealing appearance, so it’s very much in the background.

Pink color

  • A color symbolizing femininity, widely.
  • Used in applications directed at women.
  • Al-Bunni to give a sense of warmth.
  • A color that symbolizes land and wood.
  • A Sign of Manhood.
  • Can be used as an alternative to black.

Gree color

  • The color of sadness and depression.
  • It is usually accompanied by black.
  • It’s widely used in the background.

Tips when using colors

  • Avoid using more than three 3 gradients in the foreground.
  • Respect color consistency.
  • Respect the meanings and meanings of colors.
  • Choose colors carefully in the interface.
  • Avoid using closely spaced colors in one degree as background and another as text.
  • Consider the different meanings of colors between countries.