Computer keyboard

Computer keyboard

A keyboard is one of the most important components of a computer, allowing information to be entered by a set of letters, numbers or symbols organized into keys and easily usable by a single click.

The user uses it to edit text and articles in various programs that allow for this, as well as to search for different topics, chat on social media or otherwise.

Keyboard Forms At the keyboard’s first appearance, the letters were alphabetically arranged, making it harder to type, and slower.

So a design was proposed that would allow all fingers of your hand to be placed on the keyboard, making the writing process easier and faster than the previous layout. This resulted in two forms of sorting the letters, QWERTY and AZERTY, which are currently used :

Qwezty It’s the English design.

Azerty: It’s the French design.

They differ in place of letters, so that Q,Z in English is replaced by A,W in French, respectively.

Keyboard types

Numeric keypad

A plug-in that allows a keyboard to be played on-screen, its buttons to be used for very ordinary typing, mouse-controlled or touchscreen-controlled, like a keyboard on a smartphone.

Folding Keyboard

A separate, folding keyboard that flexible plastic is used to make.

Keyboard sections

Keyboard by function is divided into :

Functional Keys

Is the top of the keyboard f1…F12, its function varies by program.


allows for a specific action, to be used alone or with another key, most commonly used: the Windows button, Ctrl, Alt, esc.

Type keys

Includes the alphabet keys, numbers, and symbols available in the keyboard.

Navigation Keys

Navigation buttons on four sides: Up, right, down, left. The home page, up to the page, down to the bottom of the page, is used to navigate documents and between files.