Who the playboy is in the relationship , and why dating him can turn out to be a total disaster

Who the playboy is in the relationship , and why dating him can turn out to be a total disaster

The imagination expands and grows in every girl, and she puts in it the characteristics of the man of her dreams that she desires, and she always searches for her to build her life with him. To be the partner of her life that she loves, draws it in her imagination and is attracted to her strongly if she finds, it in someone, but not everything that we dream about and draw in our imagination is true; There are some things that tell you that this person is not suitable for you; So what are these things, and how can you avoid them?

1. They build “castle in the clouds ” relationships.

People who are like a fairy tale love, enter and build your life Based on myths. it was so perfect for you unparalleled. But the moment the cover falls from your eyes and everything becomes real, your fairy tale will shock the reality and you will find yourself alone. The second side is not real and did not support you in the beginning , and will not do so in the end, so, you hesitate to continue. However, he will leave you and move on to a second story without regard to your feeling like nothing happened.

2. Fear of commitment

If the woman feels that the man is turning away from her because he has a phobia of commitment, she must know that this is not a lack of admiration for her, but rather an inappropriate time for him to get married. Men in general tend be more free than commitment and do not like anything that restricts their freedom. When a woman puts pressure on the man, she is putting pressure on the relationship, she must wait for him to come to her when he desires to do so and at the appropriate time for him, commitment must be his personal choice , and not force him to marry her.

3. They do not deliberately lead or deceive you.

It has now become a special purpose for them, they only need you for the love that you provide them with as well as comfort and attention, they are fully aware there are no feelings towards you. Despite the existence of that ideal relationship that is full of things, actions and pleasant words.

But the thinking differs between you and your partner, so, you think if You began to deal with this relationship realistically and passed the stage of beautiful dreams that are at the beginning of the relationship and you think that your partner will deal with it in the same way, you are wrong. People like them would take it . It was a personal disaster that surrounded them.

4. You can never predict when they will withdraw from your life.

Many times, the emotional relationship is strong and successful, but suddenly things happen that suddenly push the man away from the woman. The first step you have to understand from this sudden disappearance is that a man does not give women a real space in his life and puts her in his priorities unless he really loves her, so his sudden disappearance for no reason is a warning to you about your true situation in his life.

5. It is very difficult not to fall in love with playboy.

People like them, they are great for dating. They will definitely be as you imagined, yes that’s the right person. They do everything for you for free. You are always on top of the list for them. How can you not fall in love with them, as they are the ones who send those nice messages during chatting, without talking about those beautiful gifts that are only for you and for your happiness. Without hesitation, you find that they care a lot about you, they are exactly like a wish list that you wrote and wanted to fulfill in an instant. You will find yourself weak in front of them, so, it is much easier to believe them and believe their love.

6. How to tell if you or your partner is a playboy

 Many of us fall in love, and soon they discover that they have fallen into the charm, fun , and attractiveness of an emotionally playful person, and you ask yourself a number of questions, which are: Is this true love or is it a fleeting relationship? You have to be careful, although it seems like he is drowning in love, but Most likely he will meet someone new next week, and don ‘t believe standing promises, he is someone who is skilled at lying that he believes himself a lot.

Simply because you can’t know if this person is perfect for you or not, because you can’t know everything about them. Although this relationship was successful and not punctuated by faults, this is not considered true. It is not ashamed to talk about your future projects with your partner. Thinking about commitment is not a defect. If the other party rejects it, let you know that your emotional story is about to collapse.