My Teenage Daughter Loves … How Do I Deal With Her?

My Teenage Daughter Loves … How Do I Deal With Her?

Many mothers think that their mission to raise their daughters is only during childhood and will not be concerned with the stage of adolescence, but this is completely incorrect, as adolescence is one of the important stages in the life of every girl, and it is a delicate stage that includes many changes at all levels, and what the girl experiences during it from all levels This will affect her personality for life. In adolescence, your daughter’s feelings and behaviors begin to change, for example, you may find that she cares more about her appearance, appears more shy, or tends to be more isolated, in addition to experiencing feelings of love and attraction to the opposite sex, in this article. We will answer your question, “How do I deal with my teenage daughter who loves?”

How do I deal with my teenage daughter who loves?

Adolescence begins between the ages of 12 and 13, and with the hormonal and physical changes that occur at the beginning of adolescence, the girl may feel admiration for the opposite sex, which are normal feelings for girls at that stage, and it must be dealt with smartly and in a proper manner by not suppressing them and containing your daughter well, Here are a set of tips and guidelines for dealing with your daughter during her adolescence:

  • Treat your daughter with tenderness, and be her refuge and friend, and try to listen to her more than you always direct her, respect her feelings and don’t mock her, and remember yourself when you were the same age, as we adults realize that adolescence’s feelings are not love but may be just admiration, or a desire to know On the opposite sex.
  • Avoid resorting to violence, stubbornness, or scolding in dealing with your daughter.
  • Watch your daughter’s behavior, but don’t feel that way. Make your observation of her behavior take the form of care.
  • Treat your daughter as an adult rather than a child, discuss with her and respect her feelings and opinions.
  • Help your daughter increase her self-confidence to be better, and make sure to encourage her.
  • Set an example for her in your words and actions. Be with your daughter and build a relationship with her based on trust.
  • Avoid shyness in dealing with your daughter, talk to her about feelings of love, and explain to her the difference between love and admiration.
  • Give her confidence and ask her to be frank with you in all matters of her life, and make sure that building trust between you will help you with that, and tell her that you love to listen to her.
  • Make your daughter a space of freedom and independence, and learn how to deal with the privacy of adolescence and not invade it.
  • Woo to your daughter and make her feel your love and affection, and make some surprises for her, such as putting her a gift in her room, or going out with her alone to have breakfast and talk openly.
  • Embrace your daughter a lot, and of course, do not forget the kisses on her cheeks.
  • Get close to her friends, but also their mothers, and you can invite them over to the house for lunch.
  • Develop her skills and encourage her talents, this helps her to feel a sense of achievement and distinction, and make sure that she occupies her spare time for what is useful to her.
  • Make it clear to her that love is a beautiful emotion and not a shame, but it should be at the right time and for the right person, and tell her about your experiences that you had or heard about during adolescence.

Tips for teenage girls about love

 In the following lines, some tips for your teenage daughter to help her deal with feelings of love at that stage.

You can share these tips and experiences with your daughter:

Explain to your daughter that it is not good to date anyone, unless she knows herself well, and knows that she wants to date and that she is ready to do so, and explain to her that dating comes when she is in a more mature and that she can at this moment in her life to enjoy with the company of her friends.

Explain to your daughter that love relationships need time to mature into a real relationship and that there is a huge difference between love and admiration.

Explain to your daughter that love is always with a person with whom we feel comfortable, meaning that we can be ourselves while we are with this person, and we can have different opinions about something, and we know that it is okay to do so, and that we trust each other when we are not together, and that we are not pressured to do things that we do not want to do.

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