7 types of hugs can tell you the truth about your relationship

7 types of hugs can tell you the truth about your relationship

In body language, kisses and hugs are different expressions of love and showing feelings towards the other party, there is a type of man who can’t express his feelings with gentle and sweet words, which negatively affects the feelings of his beloved, and with time her emotions towards her lover may dry up as a result of his silence. To help a man break his silence body language is the best way . In the next article, we will talk about the meanings of hugs in body language and its importance in a relationship.

1.Hug with a pat on the back

This Hug in the body language contains a lot of friendliness, closeness and friendship. Friends may always do this, but even couples may show their emotion with a swift touch on the back, especially in fast times such as a morning hug, for example. Also, this hug is the most common in romantic relationships, and this means that your lover will support you and listen to you, and also indicates that he’s like your friend exactly.

2. Hug while looking into your eyes

Oh my God, perhaps one of the most wonderful hugs body language shows in a relationship. We can’t ignore it, if your lover hugs you sweetly and then looks directly into your eyes, this is a symbol of a true and deep connection between you two, and it also means that he appreciates you a lot, and these relationships have a future and maybe very happy.

3. The London Bridge hug

Perhaps you can use it for someone who you don’t like him. This type of hug in body language doesn’t indicate love so, I don’t know why loved ones use it. It’s a temporary hug in which the two bodies don’t come close to each other, and it’s either a sign of urgency and routine or a sign of discomfort in the relationship.

So, if your lover hugged you and was keeping a distance between you, he might mean to send you a message that there must be a lot of distance between you.

4. A long hug

This hug in body language is very important and known to everyone. Whatever you need next to you, your lover, friend, or parents, this type of hug provides great support, as well as you will feel comfortable if someone hugs you like this on a difficult day or it’s possible on a happy day, this long hug we need it too much in sadness and joy because it’s permanent and expresses more than words.

5. Hug with one hand in body language

When your lover hugs you with one hand, this means that he wants to tell you that he contains you under his wing and tries to protect you from any adversity, and this is evidence that he is a man who bears responsibility well. We can use this hug in friendship, it means that it provides support and assistance. But it doesn’t indicate love and admiration, so if a girl hugs you with one hand and says goodbye to you, this is a clear message that the relationship is not possible.

6. Strong hug

It’s the kind that I really prefer, indicates strong love, so if your lover hugged you with a strong hug then you are lucky, this type of men you find him very romantic A strong hug with a little scratching in your back, I don’t think you can resist that These men you find him they always dream of a family that is happy and strong, they are very loyal and the relationship with those are wonderful, so if you meet a type like this, I advise you to keep it.

7. Naughty hugs

If you have been in love for a long time, I think that it’s good that you use this type of hug, as it’s a mixture of love and evidence of excitement, passion and love that still exists even though your relationship is a little old and، he seeks to move to the next stage only to be his own, you are very  lucky here don’t be upset with him.

As for if your relationship is new, then many men find them hastening only for the intimate relationship no more, as this deep hug indicates love. If the relationship is real, be careful, it may be a player.

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