10 Sings Indicate That Your Man Wants To Marry You

Many women ask about the signs or actions that indicate that the man wants to marry her, and none of them reached a sure sign about this topic, and the signs and answers differed according to different love stories and circumstances, but in the end we collected some signs for you that experts have created that indicate the seriousness of the relationship With whom you love and that he is on his way to ask for your hand in marriage.

So get acquainted with us in the article on these ten signs that indicate the will of a man to marry you.

 1.He tells you things and phrases like “You are the only one who…”

 When a man makes the vision in front of you clear and makes you feel how important you are to him and a special person in his life is on his way to thinking about marrying you, when he tells you you are the only one with whom I feel happy and safe, or you are the only one who understands me without speaking all these phrases that mean an important sign that he wants to marry you, as a man will not marry a woman who doesn’t make him feel different from others.

2.He invites you to his family events

 If he cares about your presence in celebrations and family events and considers you an important part of his big family picture, and he is happy with you among his family and friends, then this is evidence that he wants to bond with you forever, but if the situation is different and he doesn’t want you  to meet his family and friends and is always keen to stay away About them, this is evidence of his lack of seriousness in the association with you.

3.He sees you as part of his team

Because the profession and work of a man is the main part of his life and his identity, so if he consider you one of his work team and  he trust in your opinion and dependence on you in completing the tasks of work, this indicates that you will be his life partner in the future and he wants you to be his wife, and when he is proud of your presence in his life and within his work team this is greater Evidence that he wants to marry you and complete the rest of his life with you.

4.He has married friends

If you see an interest in his eyes when he attends a friend’s wedding or invites you to go out with his married friend and his wife, this is evidence that he wants to do like his friends and marry you soon, this is one of the signs that assures you that he will approach you to ask for your hand, and when you feel comfortable in his conversation, which is He talks about marriage matters and the conditions of his married friends.

5.Increase the practice of compassion and romance with you

When he decides to be his future wife, you find him always holding your hands to kiss her romantically and tell you how much he loves you, and he remembers the first time you went to a date and you finds him memorizing dates and places.

6.He wants to live with you in one place

A man will not give up his freedom easily. Some men see in a single life a vast area of freedom that it becomes difficult for him to give up. When your lover starts talking, we have to live together in one house and dream about that and you see a relaxation in his eyes while talking about forming a family and home, this is evidence of He wants to complete his next life with you and be his wife and the mother of his children in the future. When a man decides to give up his freedom for this, this means that he loves you so much and stays with you for life.


It is suggested that you share with him some of the things he does, for example that you choose with him his new suit for an important event next week at work, or sharing to raising a pet together , and also money plays its role here, so if he’s determined to pay anything when you are With him, this indicates that he wants to marry you, so the man usually when he goes out on a date with one of the women insists that he pay , but after a while the matter becomes normal, he doesn’t care if she pays, but if he goes out with a woman he loves and he wants to marry her, then the situation is different.

8.His actions begin to change for the better

If he is with you and he doing a certain act and he liked you a lot, know that if he wants a seriously engage with you and continue with you, he will repeat this act a lot until he sees you happy, and it may not be his nature to do such a thing as buying roses and chocolate or going out in unfamiliar places. All this is evidence of me. Love and serious engagement.

9.He doesn’t say domineering and bossy on you

One of the marital therapy experts says that equality is the key to the solution to a successful relationship, so if he doesn’t call you a dominant  and you love control and all of these things, this is a good sign that he sees in you a future wife. If he doesn’t see you being in control, this is a good sign.

10.He talks about children a lot

 With all love and comfort, you see in his eye the desire to be a father in the future, and he talks with you and not others on this topic, as this is a sign that he wants you to be the mother of his children.