Signs That Your Child is Exposed Bullied and What Bullying Means?

Signs That Your Child is Exposed Bullied and What Bullying Means?

Bullying is different between boys and girls

The bullying by girls is differently than boys. For example, female bullies tend to use cyber bullying to control and manipulate situations, and girls resort to calling their female colleagues bad titles, and boys on the other hand tend to be more Violence, this doesn’t mean that they don’t give names to their colleagues who are bullying them on the Internet, but children tend to beat and violence in general.

Signs that your child is being bullied

 He doesn’t want to go to school

School is a primary starting point for bullying. Your child’s reluctance to get up and go out in the morning can be an indication that something is wrong, so watch for frequent excuses to stay at home, such as aches and pains, or frequent calls from the school nurse asking to see you early, and check with teachers Periodically monitor your child’s attendance.

 Frequent headache and stomach pain

 Headaches and stomach pain are common physical manifestations of the stress and anxiety associated with bullying. Illnesses can also be easy to fake as excuses for staying home from school and other social activities. If your child complains of these symptoms regularly, talk to him about it.

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