Signs That Your Child is Exposed Bullied and What Bullying Means?

Signs That Your Child is Exposed Bullied and What Bullying Means?

The phenomenon of Bullying has become a big problem that plagues every family, you say goodbye to your child in the morning, but you don’t know the fate that he will face, will he meet children who deal with him sweetly, have fun and play together? Or are they arrogant and use violence to bully their colleagues, and they cause them crises and psychological complexity?

Some children don’t like to appear weak in front of their parents, so one way or another they are afraid of telling them the truth about what is happening with them, and among those things your child may be exposed to bullying in school but doesn’t want to tell you.

In this article, we will learn about some of the signs that show you that your child is exposed bullied, and how can you help him .

What are the Types of Bullies?

There are 5 types of bullies: The bully always suffers from self-esteem problems and that is why they resort to bullying. Or like the strong and weak rule, and therefore they want to follow the example of their parents and bully their weak friends.

Or a third type of bullies who were previously bullied and want to compensate for what happened to them, and another type of children who bullied just to attempt to climb the social ladder, or others who bully their colleagues due to pressure from their peers.

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