7 toxic thoughts that break our lives and how to get rid of them

7 toxic thoughts that break our lives and how to get rid of them

You may sometimes find that Some people don’t complete their projects because they feel that they aren’t smart enough to be able to pursue their dreams and projects. If you have an ambition to achieve your goal or project, but don’t seek or do your utmost to achieve this goal, Then, there may be a problem that you suffer from in your thinking … when you are aware of the false and toxic thoughts that tell yourself With it, there are toxic thoughts that keep you from establishing the life and success you want.

So be aware, dear, that our minds contain super-accurate and fast energies, and our thoughts control and determine almost everything that happens to us. Doctors confirm that a person’s health begins from his thoughts, his view of things, and the extent of his optimism or pessimism, and on the other hand, negative thoughts affect the areas responsible for stress and depression, while positive thoughts stimulate secretions that contribute to the feeling of overwhelming happiness.

 Let’s get acquainted with some of the most important negative thoughts that can destroy our lives in this next article.

1. You think in extremes

you applied for a job, and now the interview date has come. You sit waiting, thoughts attack you: I don , ‘t have enough experience, I won’t be able to stand up to their questions, I will definitely feel embarrassed, and I won’t be able to get this job. Expecting a negative outcome from something even before it happens is the result of something called over-thinking.

You find that many people always expect the worst for their work, family, and health, even if there is nothing to worry about in the first place, and they find it is difficult to control their anxiety about these things. They also feel their anxiety is out of control, even though they often realize that their anxiety is more intense than the situation requires. Enjoy your life, let go of all your thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow, regardless of what you want to achieve in the future and the extent of your suffering in the past … Give real value to your life.

 2- You overgeneralize things

How many times, dear reader, have heard this phrase, and how many times have you said it to yourself, well !! Yes, life is never fair, and this is the bitter truth, if you will, but the good news on the matter is that life rewards you with the same thing that you expect from it. With the face of those who complain and mourn his fortune all the time, and send him what he talks about and what he thinks about all the time that is, he will face problems and misfortune all the time. It doesn’t matter who you are , and what is past, but which people you will be from now on, the decision is in your hands.

3. You don’t accept positive feedback.

 Your employer or one of your family members may praise you for a wonderful job you have done, instead of this being you happy and raising your value, you will hesitate to accept it. Underestimating yourself is not a sign of humility but rather a way to destroy oneself. Humility is to cherish and trust yourself, but without ostentation or ego. And don’t worry about others, stay away from comparisons, as they are the most cause of failure. No one is better than anyone unless you convince yourself of this, so stop whipping yourself and underestimating yourself, and in return, you are also not better than anyone, every person is good in his own way, Just focus on yourself and work on developing it – that’s the best you can do.

4. You let your emotions control your decisions

Sometimes, we regret decisions we made, and wondered why we took them. Most of the time, the answer may be that of controlling feelings and emotions. Perhaps the decision is to resign from work in a moment of anger, to continue in an unsuccessful relationship, or to invest in a losing business. These matters become more complex the more we are affected by our feelings or depend on them.

5. Often blame yourself

Self-blame is considered one of the important things that can raise its owner degrees, but on the other hand, we find there are those who exaggerate blaming themselves for every situation that doesn’t go in the planned direction.

This kind of blame is called negative self-blame, which reflects tiredly on a person and leads them to lead a tense and unstable life. Sometimes, you blamed yourself for the way, you live because it’s not as perfect as, you would like. When you talk to your friends or browse social media, you will come to the conclusion that your life is pale in comparison to others, and you will start to feel guilty. It’s Time to embrace yourself and Never blame yourself for what happens, as you are not responsible for what happens.

 6. You are using words like , “must ,” “should ” and “should to .”

 “I should have gone to the park on Saturday. ” “I have to exercise regularly. ” Words like these can make you feel guilty, ashamed, and hopeless. Ask yourself if your self-talk opposes or supports, you. Replacing negative words with positive words can change your feelings, so that, you are no longer at the mercy of the situation but rather responsible for it. Notice the difference if you said, “I could have gone to the park on Saturday. ” 

7. You jump to conclusions

She did not call me again. Obviously, I made a bad impression on her. ” Convincing yourself that you know what other people are thinking , and feeling. You form your opinion about the situation based on your beliefs, not the facts. When you automatically accept your thoughts as a fact instead of verifying them, and when you jump to conclusions in uncertain situations, remind Yourself that your assumptions are not the truth. You can confirm the facts before making conclusions to save yourself from a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress. Now is the time to let go of these thoughts, they are ruining your life.