6 Signs of Babies Crying … What Does Your Baby Want to Tell You?

6 Signs of Babies Crying … What Does Your Baby Want to Tell You?

Young children have a unique way to communicate with their environment, what is it? Is there a way to understand the reason for their crying and their sounds? We offer you the most important advice in this domain.

What does the baby want when crying?

Babies cried to get their attention and , also to get what they want, except that in some cases their voices may indicate medical problems. Is your child crying because he is hungry, because he wants to sleep, or because he is in pain?

Every mother, especially if she is going through the experience of motherhood for the first time, needs to know the reason for her baby’s crying, and this knowledge is not an easy matter, as it requires experience and learning, and the grandmother usually passes her experiences to you, but this is not enough, so your baby is communicating with you directly By crying, you need to realize the meaning of his crying more.

If you want to explain your child’s crying, you can listen carefully to the tones of his voice while crying, as studies in the field of child care and health have confirmed that crying children are types, and each method is distinguished from the other, so with a little effort, the mother can translate the crying, thus knowing its cause and can respond to what The child asks or wants it, so in this article, we will tell you about the types of baby crying and how to deal with it.

1- Baby crying because of hunger

The child makes loud crying sounds and is on the tone of “niye .. niye”, while making some movements that indicate his need for food, such as: sucking the finger or moving the hands violently towards the mouth.

2- The baby cried to sleep

The child makes intermittent crying sounds and has the tone “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, with crying, yawning and other movements begin, such as rubbing his eyes and making his mouth round.

And because your baby is still small and can’t sleep alone, but rather needs your help to feel calm and reassured, move him calmly for a while or turn back some of the sounds he gets used to hearing before he sleeps.

3- Crying of a baby because of illness

The child makes a strange style of constant crying that differs from other usual crying sounds, and it may calm down a little and then quickly return to it, and this may be due to the child’s illness. You can make sure of this by measuring the temperature or observing the method of breastfeeding him, whether it is different from the previous or not, and observing the shape and density of the stool, and if you are sure of these signs, quickly consult a doctor.

4- Baby crying because of gas

In it the child makes sharp and loud noises at the tone of “eye… eye”, which is the most painful cry for the child, and it may be intermittent according to the attacks of colic, and the child moves his feet a lot.

And the cause of colic can be leaving the child crying for a long time while he is hungry, which led to gases after feeding. You can be sure to soak it well and offer him a bottle of some soothing herbs after consulting your doctor.

5- Crying the baby due to discomfort

The child makes intermittent sounds at the “heeey … heeey” pace with his feet and hands moving a lot, and this may be due to the wetness in the diaper when it’s full, and in this case you must change it quickly. He may cry because he wears a lot of clothes that hinder his movement or feels hot or cold, and here it’s necessary to make sure that he wears clothes that suit the condition in which he is present.

6. Baby crying to call

Babies feel that they are alone when the room be quiet and there is no movement around him, your baby will start to cry for 5 seconds or more to attract the attention of his parents and then stop crying to notice the situation. If neither parent responds, the same process of crying will be repeated intermittently until it becomes continuous.