16 tricks from psychology to read people

Have you ever wished that you could read the thoughts of your friend, manager, or relatives? Of course, a large percentage of people wished for this very much, so if we were able to do this we might avoid misunderstanding the behavior and words of others. But is it possible to actually read what is on the minds of others, such as the book we are browsing, easily?

Some people believed that reading and understanding another’s thoughts required a special and complex skill, but psychology had a completely opposite opinion. Reading thoughts can happen easily, and scientists have worked hard to discover ways to make reading others easy. Because this matter has great importance in communicating with others more deeply and anticipating their future actions. Indeed, researchers have come up with easy psychological tricks that help you read the thoughts of others. In this article, you will find the 16 most easy psychological tricks to help you people.

The 1st trick / Don’t release negative energy

If you are in a bad mood and feel that you are nervous, don’t export the negative energy to the other, because you will reflect this negative feeling on him and then you will not know how to communicate with him, and this is what psychologists have confirmed through many studies on reading people. And which all confirmed that if a person met another person and the first was relaxed and calm, he would have sufficient ability to read the mind of the other without making an effort. And if the usual sentence at the beginning of any meeting with a person, “How are you?” Is replaced by another “today seems calm and morale high,” then the positive energy will take precedence and mind-reading becomes easy. To train yourself, dear, to read people, don’t hesitate to answer those who ask “How are you?” With an honest answer.

The 2nd trick / spending enough time with the other person

Yes, it’s the most effective trick in the psychology reading, because spending enough time with other person on a funny evening or a long journey will allow you to get to know him more . this period of psychology reading determined by starting with four hours and extending to a year.

In Psychological reading, spending a long time will make predictions about this person’s reaction. You can discover his qualities and behaviors as well as his flaws, but the goal is not just to spend time, but this time must be accompanied by a continuous dialogue until the psychological thoughts of this person become clear to you, so for read people must takes time to talk.

The 3rd Trick / listen to the tone of voice

Don’t enjoy what the words are said only, but listen to the tone of the voice is one of the keys to reading people, so listen to the tone to speed in speaking. In the psychology reading, if someone talk too fast this person is often nervous, and perhaps this trick of reading people needs realistic judgment and a little careful, in order not to fall into a wrong judgment.

The 4th  trick / learning the language of eyes

 psychological Reading studies confirm that the eye is the mirror of the soul, especially the pupil of the eye. A Japanese study showed that if a person falls into confusion and deep thinking, the pupil expands greatly, and also widens when meeting someone for the first time, but it narrows significantly if the brain is filled with information. The eye is one of the tricks for reading people, so if you notice when meeting a person for the first time that the pupil of the eye has remained wide, this is a sure indication that you made a good impression.

The 5th Trick /  For reading people, don’t make assumptions.

One of the common mistakes when reading people is that we put assumptions before they know them. It usually leads to misunderstanding or some problems with people. In psychology read, you should be relaxed and open minded with others, so reading people is easy for you. If We assume, you and your friend agreed to go out for a walk, but your friend might apologize to you and back off on it. Therefore, don’t make false assumptions, for example that he hates you or that he will feel bored when he is with you. This is a big mistake when reading people. Setting assumptions is easy, but to be a professional in reading people, you must be positive and your mind open minded.

The 6th trick / notice the other person’s breathing

How do we breathe? In psychology read, if a person breathes from their chest, this means that they are relaxed.

If his breathing is a little deep, he is tense. If you want to read the person’s psychological state, watch their breathing. If his breathing is convulsive, he is nervous, which means that there is something he doesn’t want you to know.

The reason may be shyness, anxiety, or he is hiding something from you. If a person breathes from his stomach, he is in a calm psychological state, and this generally means that he is sincere, so if you notice well how the person who meets you is breathing then you can read him easily.

 The 7th Trick / Listen to what your intuition is saying

In the psychological reading , intuition is the sixth sense. Intuition is the ability to know something directly without entering the circle of analytical thinking. This is one of the keys to reading people. When you are able to see beyond what is apparent to you, you are considered a strong intuitive person. The many life experiences that you have gone through make you truly realize how others feel. The ability to distinguish between real people and fake people and read them as well.

The 8th Trick / Pay close attention to the other person’s appearance

In psychological reading when read others, what you have to do is pay close attention to what they are wearing. Appearance is a great key when it comes to knowing and read people. Usually this person wears a shirt with jeans, this indicates comfort, as well as those who wear formal clothes, it means that the person is strict and confident of himself People consider clothes as an image to show their identities and beliefs, so it is important when reading people to pay attention to their appearance. Wearing a shirt with a specific slogan indicating the tendencies and thinking of this person wore the cross or any spiritual necklace means that this person is religious. The appearance says a lot in Psychological reading.

The 9th Trick / Pay attention to people’s posture

It is possible to reach what is going on in the minds of others and read people, by following and realizing what their physical signals mean, because body language in psychological reading  includes many accurate physical signals that help to read people, and in order for an individual to understand someone’s opinion, he must follow his signals and collect them together to form a clear picture As for him about what is going on in the mind of the other party or what he wants to reach.

The 10th Trick / Pay attention to the general behavior of the person with you.

In Psychological reading, this trick is linked to body language a lot. The general behavior of people reveals a lot. Then you can read them easily, put hands in the pocket and avoid eye contact. Also, looking at the ground are all behaviors indicating tension and lack of self-confidence when speaking, or he can evade from something, so if you wanted to read people, so pay close attention to their behavior.

The 11th  Trick / Always ask direct questions

Reading people is easy if you avoid the evasive method when asking questions to other people, always rely on direct questions and stay away from vague questions, as this is a good way to get a direct answer. Reading people connected with the direct questions that you ask, then you will ensure for yourself that you will get an honest answer from the other person.

The 12th  Trick / try to interpret facial expressions

Think for a moment about how well a person can transfer  their feelings only through facial expressions! When reading people, a smile may indicate approval or happiness, while a grimace may indicate rejection or unhappiness. In psychology read, our facial expressions reveal our true feelings about a specific situation or person. While in some cases we may say that we are fine, while our facial expressions said a lot to others  !!

The face is a mirror of our feelings, and its expressions are universal.

Facial expressions are among the most universal types of body language. The expressions used to express fear, anger, sadness and happiness are the same throughout the world.

Mouth expressions and movements also play an essential role in reading people. For example, chapped lips may be an indicator of aversion, rejection, suspicion and distrust.

Lip biting is an expression of stress, anxiety, stress, or a sexual suggestion.

Covering the mouth indicates masking an emotional reaction, avoiding displaying a smile. It may be a sign of lying.

Movement of the lips up and down indicate subtle changes in the mouth that are indicators of how a person is feeling. When the lips are lifted up, it may mean a feeling of happiness or optimism. On the other hand, dropping the lips down could be an indication of sadness, rejection or anger as well.

The 13th  trick / Don’t run away from the little talk.

In psychology read, small talk can give you the opportunity to get to know the other party, so it is better not to avoid it, even if you don’t feel comfortable, small talk is very important for reading people because it usually reveals to us the normal behavior of the other person. for reading people Short talk can be used as a  good standard.  it’s perfect for easily deducing any strange or out of the ordinary behavior. You can try a lot to read people, relying only on long talks, but you can rely on the short talk as well.

The 14th Trick / Watch carefully their bodily movements

Posture and body movements are an important part of reading people. In psychology read, the posture of the body, for example, can convey a wealth of information about a person’s feelings, as well as give us several hints about the characteristics of his personality, such as whether he is self-confident, open minded, or conformable.

For example, sitting upright may indicate that a person is attentive and gives attention and focus to what is going on around him. Also, sitting with the back hunched forward, may mean that the person feels bored or apathetic.

The open position means keeping the trunk of the body open and exposed to the other party. This position indicates friendliness, openness, and a desire for the other.

As for the closed position, where the trunk of the body is blocked, bending forward while keeping the arms and legs crossed often, this position may be an indication of aggression, lack of friendliness and anxiety. Pay attention to this if you want to read people, and don’t forget to also pay attention to their movements, for example, arm-banding may indicate that a person is in a defensive or self-protective position, or that he is closed in on himself. Standing and placing the hands on the hips may be an indication that the person is ready and in control, or it may be a sign of aggression. Know the meanings of body movements well, as they are a great standard for reading people .

The 15th Trick / be objective and open-minded

A big mistake you may fall into when trying to read people is if you judge them in just a moment. Your previous bad relationships can affect your opinions on people badly. It is better to put your past experiences aside. In psychology read, if you want to succeed in reading people, you have to be Also open minded and objective with others so that you can communicate with them.

The 16th  Trick / practice people-watching.

If you really want to be able to read people, practice and training are the two keys to achieving that in a perfect way, you just have to practice watching people, note their expressions, movements, and behaviors, relate them to their speech and pay attention to how they feel, this will help you move to the higher level to reading people.