Revitalize the feet: foot massage, step by step

Revitalize the feet: foot massage, step by step

One of the most effective ways to reduce foot swelling, tiredness, relieve pain, in addition to smoothing the skin, stimulating relaxation and general well-being, is a careful massage. Pamper your feet all year round and feel the difference. No need to be an expert or have a lot of time or great preparations to enjoy a foot massage that will revitalize and leave them looking like new in just 10 minutes.

Nothing produces a feeling of more exhaustion than having tired feet after a hard day. And is that the feet are a very receptive part of the body and is exposed to dryness, swelling, and other discomforts. If our feet are tired, swollen, and/or sore, it causes a general feeling of weakness and exhaustion, but with a good foot massage, you relax your body and mind, releasing all the accumulated tension.

It is not necessary to be an expert masseur, because, with some simple basic rules, your partner or any other member of the family can practice a revitalizing foot massage that will leave them looking like new in just 10 minutes. It will restore the psychophysical balance, stimulating the general well-being and relaxation, recovering the smoothness and natural softness of the skin.

Before massage

  • Find a comfortable position in the best possible environment, with soft music or low light, it is perfect to contribute to relaxation and enhance the effects of massage.
  • It is preferable not to massage the skin dry, the ideal is to leave a few drops of lavender oil essence in a bottle with sweet almond oil and use this mixture for massage. It is important to rub the oil on the hands to warm it up before applying it to the skin. As an alternative to oils, you can use moisturizer.
  • The massage should be firm but not painful, so if you feel discomfort in one area you should not insist.

Foot massage, step by step

Lie down comfortably resting your feet on the lap of the person who will massage them following these simple guidelines:

  • Take the foot with the thumbs on top and the other toes underneath. Holding them firm, smooth the instep with your thumbs, pulling one away from each side.
  • Grasp the toe with one hand and place the other hand on the heel for support. Bend your foot up with a little force. It is then stretched down with force in the center of the foot.
  • Twist your foot to one side and the other as if you were wringing wet clothes.
  • Hold, squeeze, and stretch each finger firmly one by one, but without exerting too much force to avoid injury.
  • Massage the sole in firm circles with your thumbs. It is important to press firmly so as not to tickle.
  • Support the foot in one hand and apply the massage going up with firm pressure from the toes to the ankle.

Massage oils, how to choose them and how to apply them to the feet

Although it would be possible to massage the feet dry, greater benefits will be obtained using natural oils, choosing the one that best suits our needs. With the use of oils, the gliding of the hands is facilitated for a more pleasant massage, also, by penetrating deeply into the skin, they soften it and enrich it with the assets it contains. We recommend some of the most used according to need and the best ways to apply them to foot massage:

Hazelnut oil

  • Given its astringent, emollient, and toning properties, it is an oil especially suitable for a foot massage.
  • Very suitable for those who want to eliminate fatigue in the feet and recover all energy.
  • It is easily absorbed and allows us to use a larger quantity.
  • Apply it in a general way to the whole foot with a kneading massage insisting on heels and toes.

Pistachio oil

  • Due to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, it leaves unmatched softness on the feet and is easily absorbed.
  • Also, in cosmetics it is used to accelerate the regeneration of tissues, being an oil very indicated for dry feet.
  • Apply in small amounts using a light massage with circular movements, from the center of the sole outwards.

Black cumin oil

  • Its stimulating, regenerating and toning action stimulate circulation.
  • Indicated for those who suffer from swelling in the feet, since by its toning action it deflates and relaxes it quickly.
  • Apply it by first massaging the outer areas of the foot until you reach the center of the sole. Do not forget to end with a massage of the fingers from the bottom up.

Hemp oil

  • Given its richness in vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, and other assets, it is effective against fungi, infections, and inflammations.
  • Apply it in small amounts on the area to be treated and carry out a gentle kneading massage until completely absorbed.