How to avoid the loss of muscle mass?

How to avoid the loss of muscle mass?

There are many reasons why muscles lose size, following these tips you can avoid it.

While for many, especially at younger ages, gaining muscle mass is an undeniable desire that makes them invade the gyms and go through hard and extensive exercise routines, for others, losing it is a matter that worries them more and more.

We must be clear and say without fear that losing muscle mass is a matter that comes with age, as time passes more muscle is lost, for this reason, it is unlikely that we will meet older adults with the body of bodybuilders.

But age is not the only reason that the muscles decrease in volume, it is also due to poor diet, having gone through an injury that kept us in complete rest, as well as having undergone surgery or trauma.

To gain muscle mass, we must carry out physical activity regularly, but this activity must be aimed at obtaining muscles, especially in a localized way, therefore, exercise with weights is essential in the arms, chest, back, shoulders and legs.

Cardiovascular exercises like running and swimming will not make your body build muscles evenly but will strengthen your legs and back, respectively. Diet and supplements play a preponderant role in this intention, that is why the intake of proteins must be permanent because it increases the diameter of the fibers thanks to its great contribution of nutrients.

Consuming more calories than you burn is another fundamental aspect, 5 or 6 meals a day in medium amounts will help the growth of muscle mass.

Eradicating fat from your body also favors the growth of your muscles, consuming good fat, that which is present in avocado, nuts such as peanuts, walnuts or almonds; fish, sardines and tuna; and in seeds such as sesame and chia, accompanied by olive oils or peanut butter, they end up with bad fat, giving your body cardiovascular protection and bigger muscles.

Exercising with weight is important, but you should not exceed the load to avoid injuries, repetitions are essential if you want to obtain results, to achieve muscle, you must perform each weightlifting calmly, slowly and with the movement carried out perfectly, it is Good to feel pain and also that burning sensation produced by the lactic acid in the fibers as a signal of muscle formation, but these should not be exaggerated because an injury is not sought.

Mix strength exercises or weights with cardiovascular work, so you will not only build good muscles, but the rest of your body will feel in top condition.