7 reasons that cause you eye twitching, is it dangerous?

7 reasons that cause you eye twitching, is it dangerous?

You must have felt a slight flutter or shake in your left or right eyelid, We can say that eyelid shiver is an involuntary cramp that occurs in the muscles of the eyelid, and people usually feel it in the upper eyelid, but Some people feel the shiver in the lower and upper eyelids, and this shiver is often simple for many people. Did this phenomenon happens to you?

In this article, we will learn about the most important causes of eye twitching and are they dangerous to the point of going to a doctor or not?

What are the reasons behind eyelid twitching?

1- You are getting a lot of caffeine

The cause of muscle twitching , including the muscles around the eyes, may be due to your consumption of a large amount of caffeine, and reducing the dose may contribute to stop the twitching in the event that it is believed that caffeine intake is a possible cause of your infection.

2- You take Some pharmacological treatments

Some types of drug treatments may be one of the causes of the condition of eyelid twitching, and if it is suspected that one of the treatments may cause this condition, you shouldn’t stop using it before consulting your doctor and get advice about the possibility of replacing it with another type or reducing the amount of doses you are taking from it under the supervision of your doctor.

3- You strain your eyes a lot

The eye muscles become tired and exhausted if they are strained. This may occur due to an effort to gain visibility. In this case, eyeglasses must be used or the current eyeglasses specifications changed, and the eyes may be subjected to stress by practicing some activities such as lengthening the view at the screen. In this case, it should be avoided by taking a break regularly.

4- You suffer from allergies

The itchy substance histamine is released when the allergic reaction is triggered. This causes the affected person to rub the irritated eyes , which may cause the twitching around them.

5- You are tired yourself too much

The possibility of eye twitching increases when feeling fatigue and tiredness, and these cases can be reduced by getting an adequate amount of sleep, estimated at a number of hours, usually ranging between seven to nine hours every night, but the person with twitching should see a doctor if they get Sufficient sleep while still feeling exhausted and tired; As this may reveal the potential for an underlying medical condition that may be causing these symptoms.

6- you are Stressed too much

Stress affects the human body in many ways, including the occurrence of the eye twitching. Whereas, stress is one of the common causes that may cause eyelid or eyebrow twitching, and to avoid the problems caused by stress, one must pay attention to its levels and try to reduce them. Activities such as exercise , and relaxation may reduce it and help reduce eye and eyebrow twitching.

7- you get Alcoholic beverages, smoking and recreational drugs

The use of these substances may contribute to the condition of blinking in the eyes , and the areas around them. Therefore, it must be stopped to be able to reduce the incidence of these cramps.

 When can you see a doctor?

Eye twitches are usually not dangerous until they require a visit to a specialist, but they can be a chronic if associated with the nervous system.

You may need to see your doctor if you have chronic eyelid twitch with the following symptoms:

May be your eye is always red

 –Drooping upper eyelid

Close your eyelid completely every time the twitch occurs

Twitching lasts for several weeks.

What is Eye twitch prevention ?

There is usually no treatment for this, but there are a few things you can do to help:

Drink less caffeine

Get adequate sleep

Keep your eyes free from over

-the-counter eye drops

Botox is sometimes used to treat benign blepharospasm, and Botox may relieve severe cramps for a few months.

Surgery can also remove some muscles and nerves in the eyelids to treat more severe cases.

If you notice that you have more cramps when you are not getting enough sleep, try to go to sleep 30 minutes to an hour, to help relieve pressure on your eyelids and reduce cramps.

Get plenty of rest

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