6 yoga exercises that make your face look younger !

6 yoga exercises that make your face look younger !

Every day, the face is exposed to many pressures that leave traces that steal its beauty and radiance , and appear in the form of black circles under the eyes, wrinkles and loosening of the muscles, pale skin color, or excess thinness of the face. The causes of these effects are many and multiple. Such as ageing, frequent agitation and reactions to different circumstances, constant exposure to sunlight, sudden temperature differences, staying up late, fatigue, illness, and spending a long time in front of the computer.

Many people resort to solving face and neck problems by using creams, masks and even cosmetic operations, but the solution is much simpler. Is the attendance of yoga exercises for the face. These exercises stimulate blood circulation, get rid of toxins the muscles of the face and neck , and make it strong, and give them a bright uniform color, in addition to tighten the skin and ridding it of wrinkles naturally with less time and effort.

Here are some exercises that you have to repeat daily while continuing to do so … You can notice their positive effect after at least two months have passed since they were repeated correctly. But getting the desired result does not mean stopping her practice; Because repetition and persistence in practice will guarantee the repair of what has been corrupted by time and prevent the rest of the years from leaving its mark on the face, as it did in previous years.

In this article, my lady , we will talk about the 6 most important face yoga exercises that will make you have an attractive and bright face and more youthful, no matter how old you are.

Before starting the exercises, close your eyes and breathe in a deep, healthy breath from your stomach for one minute.

1. The position of your tongue

It decorates your face and forms the jaw line, as it contributes to the formation of the face muscles, is done by sitting with a straight back with your shoulders facing down, then put your hands comfortably on your lap, place the tip of your tongue on the upper wall of your mouth as if you are trying to swallow your mouth, rolling your tongue on this position with your mouth slowly opening fully until you feel a stretch in the larynx and neck, repeat the exercise several times and breathe normally through your nose.

2. Use full chin sessions

Keep your back and spine elongated in an appropriate standing or sitting position, make sure to keep your shoulders down and back. You can now start by advancing your chin a little forward, then start turning your head as a full circle, from your right shoulder, your chest, your left shoulder, then your back, and the turn should be slow and gentle, be careful. It is a difficult and a little upsetting exercise. If you are not comfortable then, you can only count on a half cycle. Repeat this exercise 10 times and repeat it again, but in the opposite direction.

3. As if you were kissing the ceiling

Keep your back straight, sit on a chair, then slowly lower your head as if you are looking at the ceiling, close your lips and extend them as if you are kissing the ceiling, maintain this position for several seconds, until you feel tight all over your chin and neck. Repeat it for 10 times, then relax your lips. And your chin until you return to the first positions. This exercise will stretch the facial muscles across your neck and down the jaw.

4. Release your jaw

 As we mentioned earlier, you must maintain the straightness of your back by means of a sitting or standing position that is appropriate. Move your jaw once to the top , and then down as if you were in a chewing position with your lips together. Take a slow, deep breath and out through your nose. Then, open your mouth as wide as possible with the tip of your tongue gently pressing on your lower back teeth, breathe now your voice will be heard like “Ah “. Keep yourself still for at least 90 seconds, then repeat.

5. Take your hand as a dove

This exercise is very simple based on the thumb and index finger only, try to place your thumb on the bottom of your jaw bone from the right side , and in the same place, put the index finger of the same hand under the opposite jaw bone. Then push up towards the ear, keep your hand steady and repeat the process several times, for at least 30 seconds.

6. Get rid of double chin

 This exercise works to tighten the facial muscles and get rid of tension as well as prevent double chin. Take a comfortable position, then inhale the air through the nose, and press the facial muscles with a fist. Then you breathe, stick your tongue out as much as you can while opening your eyes as wide as possible. Repeat this exercise for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat this exercise three times.

But applying these exercises doesn’t mean relying on them completely while forgetting about other matters. Such as perseverance to eat healthy food while drinking a lot of water and natural juices, getting used to sleeping and waking up early, avoiding constipation, as well as avoiding exposure to psychological pressures or at least avoiding violent reactions to them; Such as crusting, pressure on the teeth and biting lips, and creams or others can sometimes be used in some difficult cases.