6 Everyday Things That Are Secretly Ruining Your Skin

We all hope to maintain the youthful appearance for as long as possible in our lives, even though the genetic aspect plays a role, but more than 80 per cent of our daily habits play the greatest role in maintaining our skin glasses, and the bulk of them contribute to skin destruction.

Here’s a bunch of 6 somatic habits that hurt skin, and how to avoid them to get healthy skin and look skin.

Using Too Many Skincare Products

The overuse of many acne products harms the skin and causes many problems, including the increasing appearance of acne.
It is recommended to use only one or two products and to give them time to show the result instead of overworking the products.

Allowing Your Hair Products To Touch Your Skin

Hair products such as shampoo and hair pigments contain sulphate, which closes the facial pores and thus gives rise to acne.
The use of sulphate-free products is recommended, and a clean towel must also be used on the front and face to protect the skin from hair products.

Travelling Somewhere New

Travelling to new places means exposing skin to a new environment and climate that can cause skin damage.
Permanent exposure to sunlight, temperature change and humidity may hurt skin and cause acne.
Some methods must be followed to avoid harming skin.
Avoid prolonged skin exposure and sunscreen use, preferably with zinc oxide. And if you’re exposed to cold temperatures, try to hydrate your skin constantly to avoid being dehydrated.

Eating Processed Food

Foods with a high carbohydrates can cause acne because they disturb the skin and significantly affect blood sugar levels.
In order to ensure that skin is not harmed by a high carbohydrates diet, light and fast foods must be completely kept away from being replaced by protein-rich foods and healthy foods such as frequent vegetables and fruits.

Toxins In Your Makeup Remover

Makeup contains toxic materials for pore closure, including the appearance of acne, especially the daily use of makeup.
All makeup products hurt skin, especially the methods used to remove makeup that hurts skin because it contains a chemical bug.
So it’s recommended to wash the face well to remove the makeup and get rid of the oils after a long day.

Improperly Using Facial Hair Removal Products

Removal of facial hair depends on the use of facial peeling materials containing chemicals, especially coconut oil, palm oil, and wheat germ that close pores, including acne.
It is recommended to use natural materials, or to search for non-toxic substances.

What other common routines that damage our skin do you know?

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