13 Things You Should Know Before Injecting Lip Fillers

Many women have turned to filler injections, to highlight their facial features and enhance their self-confidence more. Many of them do not actually need these adjustments, but keeping up with this continuous trend that started several years ago has become necessary, especially when we talk about lip fillers!

My dear, you may think that lip filler injection is a simple matter, and it is rare that anything goes wrong while performing this cosmetic step. But what happened with some of the women whose pictures we will show you below is the biggest proof that nothing is 100% guaranteed, as they suffered from serious and dangerous complications after the filler!

In this article we present to you 13 Things you should know before injecting lip fillers!

1-Therefore, in case you want to enlarge your lips, as the first step, you should go to a doctor who specializes in dermatology, filler and Botox injections. Secondly, you must be aware of all the instructions before taking this step in order to avoid negative consequences and also be aware of the possibility of some natural complications after the injection. Read on and you will find out.

2- You must inform the specialist doctor if you have previously suffered from any facial problems, sores, scars or any kind of imperfections.

3- Hyaluronic acid is one of the safest and safest substances that are injected into the lips, as it is a natural extract from the body.

4- Don’t take any type of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or high doses of vitamin E before the injection, otherwise you will be at risk of bruising or bleeding at the needle site.

5- You must choose pictures showing the result that you want to obtain and give it to the doctor to be aware of it!

6- You will feel slight discomfort and pain, especially if you have sensitive skin.

7- Lip filler injection takes a maximum of 20 minutes.

8- After the injection, your lips will feel more swollen than you wish. This is normal, it will shrink in size little by little within two weeks, so don’t inject lips shortly before any occasion or important event, and leave a period of time up to at least a month.

9- To reduce lip swelling, apply ice to them and try to sleep on a high pillow at night to reduce swelling.

10- Some small swelling will appear on the lips, which should disappear after a while. In case it does not go away, see a doctor and he will help you remove it!

11- Don’t touch your lips for 48 hours after the operation, and avoid doing exercises that would accelerate blood circulation and increase swelling in the lips.

12- Don’t eat spicy, creamy and high-salt foods. Instead, go to healthier foods and drink lots of water to moisturize the skin and prevent irritation.

13- You should know that lip fillers will not last forever, and they will shrink in size over time! You will need to see a specialist at least every 4 months to have it enlarged again.

“In the event that you are not satisfied with the result, the plastic surgeon can inject the lips with an enzyme called Hyaluronidase that dissolves the filled filler. This step gives direct and immediate results, as you notice after a few minutes of injection that the filler has softened and melted. Hyaluronidase injection does not have any side effects such as scars or bruises, but it should be taken into account that there is a possibility of developing an allergy depending on the type of person.”