Tips for ideal nail care

Tips for ideal nail care

Nails are an area of the body that many people neglect, here we will give you some tricks so that you can look healthy and beautiful.

That common comment that affirms that nail care is only for women is completely false, although it is true that it is the girls who paint them, everyone should embrace beauty habits in their hands, to always have perfect nails, keeping in mind that it is part of the personal presentation and is a key point of hygiene.

And is that you probably have suffered at some point because your nails tend to turn yellow, because they weaken or because they are very brittle; this has to do with a bad routine of care; For this reason, this time we bring you some tips, for men and women, so that you can have strong, healthy and beautiful nails.

Be careful with drying your hands

Drying your hands is more important than you think because water can weaken the cuticle, favoring the appearance of infections. It is recommended that this process be carried out with a paper towel so as not to be dry and so that the moisture can be absorbed well.

Hydrate them

Hydration is not only for the skin, but the nails also need to be moistened very frequently; You can use the same cream that you smear on your hands, making circular massages on each of your fingers.

Metal files prohibited

These files are not the best option because they can cause terrible damage to your nails, they should be made of cardboard; Do it from the sides to the center, applying smooth and continuous movements.

Clean them

Hygiene is essential for the appearance of your nails, for this reason, you should not neglect cleaning them, especially in the lower part, which is where more dirt accumulates.

Cut your nails straight

One of the main reasons why people suffer from ingrown toenails is because they do not know how to cut them correctly; To avoid this terrible event, you should use a small nail clipper and cut them straight.

Be careful with the products you use

Some products such as hardeners or nail polish removers are very strong for nails, as they contain a large number of chemical ingredients that weaken the keratin layers.

Do not smoke

The cigarette will only make your nails stain, taking on a yellowish color that is very difficult to remove, and will slow the growth of the cuticle.

Take vitamins

Vitamins A and B will become your best allies for the health of your hands and you can find them in foods such as tomatoes, red bell peppers, carrots, and brewer’s yeast.