Learn The Secret Of Korean Skin Care in a Layered Style

Learn The Secret Of Korean Skin Care in a Layered Style

Korean layering is the beauty routine that many have been hearing about for quite some time. The Asian phenomenon is impossible to miss! It is commonly referred to as “Japanese layers”, but in fact, the multi-layered skincare application method is being applied all over Asia including Korea, which is considered the kiss of skincare. But for the treatments used, they are mainly of Korean origin.

Do you want to discover the secrets of this beauty ritual?

What are the layers?

Layering ritual is the Asian technique that consists of several layers to care for the skin after cleansing and double cleansing.

The first layer is to remove makeup (even when you don’t wear make-up)

This is the most important step in the classification. The make-up is removed from the skin using a very oily substance (massage oil or cream / conditioner). Why use oils for cleansing? Simply because there is nothing better than them for removing dirt!

Personally, I don’t use cleansing milk or mi-cellar water as it’s not greasy enough to remove impurities well.

In this step, also don’t use cotton or makeup removal wipes! We rub with fingers and take the opportunity to massage our skin. In addition to being gentle, it stimulates blood circulation to the skin.

By the way, why did you notice that you should remove makeup even when you are not wearing makeup? Simply because, the skin is still dirty (pollution, sweat, dead skin …)

  •  When to use a cleansing oil: in the evening and in the morning

The second layer (cleaning)

The second step in the double-cleansing process, the cleansing is used to remove the sebum after removing the makeup with an oil-based cleanser.

It is relatively common in Korea to use an enzymatic powder cleanser: These exfoliating cleansers reveal more glowing complexion by removing dead cells. These cleansers are fairly strong, and they are used two to three times a week, not every day.

Make sure to use a product that is not aggressive on the skin, has a pH neutral, or even slightly acidic (less than 5). The more sensitive and dry the skin is, the more tolerable it is to lower pH cleaners. You can find out the acidic number on the package of the preparation, which is symbolized by Ph, which must be pH 5 or less.

  • When to use the cleanser: morning and evening

The third layer (toner)

Toner is often seen as an astringent product and for good reason: it often contains a lot of alcohol and is therefore very drying. Toner is seen in Korea as a step to remove recent impurities, prepare the skin for moisture and help it absorb after care.

Often times I hear the following complaints: “My treatment isn’t working, I don’t notice any effect, my skin feels tight even after the treatment, etc.” When I ask these people what they do after cleaning their face, they tell me that they apply their cream directly. And they don’t use toner after cleaning, so it is normal for a care not to be able to do its job properly. This is an important step that non-Koreans in particular don’t do

  •  When to use the toner: morning and evening

Fourth layer (serum, ampoule)

After the last cleansing with a toner, the skin is now ready to apply nutrients. The serum, extract or ampoule are the best allies before using the cream.

Good to know: These are three products that look the same but can be grouped however you wish: You can use one of the three or all three at the same time.

  • When to use the serum / extract / ampoule: morning and evening

Fifth layer (cream)

Often seen as being heavy block for skin pores, too rich or not containing adequate doses of active ingredients, creams play a definitive protective role after the many stages of layers.

In Korea, it is not uncommon to skip this step, dry and mature skin will benefit greatly from a moisturizer or nourishing cream.

You can also switch the night cream once or twice a week with a sleeping mask.

  • When to use face cream: Apply the cream day and night. I recommend applying a richer cream in the evening, as the skin is rejuvenated at night.

Sixth class ( Eye Region)

Depending on your age and skin condition, this step may or may not be included in your routine. Personally, I am 26 years old and use an eye liner to reduce fine lines caused by dryness and prevent signs of aging.

The eye lotion can be a serum or a cream, but there is also a cloth or paper lotion that you can apply under the eyes to get the best results!

  • When to use the eye preparation: morning and evening

The seventh layer (sun protection)

A supplement to the day cream, whether it is (gel, emulsion or cream), sun protection is necessary throughout the year, not just in the summer! We often forget it, but the sun is the main enemy of the skin: although its vitamin D content is essential for the body, the sun is responsible for brown spots and wrinkles, in other words aging of the skin.

  • When to use sunscreen: in the morning; Whether you are outside or inside the home

The eighth layer (lip balm)

In the morning as well as in the evening, I apply a natural and organic lip balm. In the morning I advise you to use an anti-UV moisturizer to protect your lips as much as possible.

When to use a lip treatment: morning and evening.

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