More Than 20 Kinds Of Foods And Exercises That Help You Enlarge Your Buttocks

Every woman searches for the beauty of her body, and the woman’s interests differ about her body places and always strives to highlight her beauty and elegance, and one of the most important place of the body on which women focus their attention is the chest and buttocks area. Details on foods, exercises that are important for lifting and enlarging your buttocks, and other tricks.

From home ,We will show you some valuable tips that will help you enlarge your buttocks and build the perfect butt that you have always dreamed of.

More than 20 kinds of foods that help you enlarge your Butt

It is very important and recommended to eat a lot of protein and exclude unnecessary fats from the diet, this will help your body to lose the excess fat stored In the buttocks, as it will also help you to defining and crystallizing the shape of your Butt too much better. So, below we gives you some of the most important methods  used to make sure From eating the right type of food to enlarge the buttocks:

French fries:

It is one of the foods rich in saturated fats and this type of fat turns into solid substances concentrated in the buttocks area.


It is one of the foods rich in fats and salts, which is concentrated in the buttocks area.


Although it does not contain much fat, pasta made from white flour contributes to the accumulation of fat in the buttocks


Rich in calories, fat and sodium


Its ingredients contain a lot of fat, high calories, and cheese, which is concentrated in the buttocks area

Fizzy drinks:

They contain a large amount of sugars, which are concentrated in the buttocks area


Eat it because your muscles need a large amount of protein to grow. So, I’m sure that mackerel is an ideal choice for you.

Red Capsicum:

As you know, this type of vegetable contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which means that it stimulates the process of collagen formation, which is necessary for the growth of your muscle tissue


it does not contain a high percentage of fat and is an important source of plant protein, as it is rich in amino acids necessary for building muscles and … for flatulence


Add it to your dishes without hesitation, as it stimulates the cell growth process and builds your body’s muscle tissues, including those of your bottom.


Yes, it is also rich in omega-3 acids and vitamin D, so it contributes to restoring your muscle tissue and maintaining its health, and in case you want to get a swollen butt, we invite you to eat one egg during your daily breakfast, but don’t do that If you suffer from high cholesterol.


the most prominent vegetable source of complete protein and the essential amino acids necessary to promote muscle growth and bloating.


You know very well that it contains a high proportion of Vitamin C, which helps you maintain healthy muscles


We recommend that you eat this type of cheese which is necessary for the growth of your muscles, why? Because it contains proteins rich in amino acids


Make sure to eat it without peeling it, because the cucumber peel contains a necessary component to the process of forming muscle tissue, including that of your butt.


Raisins are one of the foods that are very useful in the process of buttock augmentation, so it must be consumed daily. Drink anise drink with honey every day on an empty stomach and keep on that continuously.


Madam you can eat 3 bananas a day to enlarge the size of your buttocks. Increase your intake of potatoes continuously.

Eat two or three teaspoons of sesame, three times a day.

Eating a spoonful of bee honey daily.

Eat bananas three times a day.

Drink a cup of fresh milk, morning and evening, on a daily basis for two weeks.

Buttock enlargement exercises

You can’t rely on the past foods only to enlarge the buttocks, but you should also practice exercises to. It should include squatting and bridge exercises, as are the most important exercises that help to enlarge the buttocks.

1- The bridge

On the floor, lie on your back, then bend your knees and place your arms at your sides.

Your feet should be about shoulder width apart.

Press your heels into the floor, lift your hips off the floor, and press your buttocks while keeping your back straight.

Hold this position for a few seconds.

Breathe well as you return to the starting position, but the process should be slow.

2- Squatting

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, feet straight and push your belly inward.

Lower your hands to your sides or extend them forward in order to gain more balance. Get into a seated position by lowering yourself and bending your knees until they are at an almost right angle, with your buttocks parallel to the floor.

Don’t let your knees go beyond your toes and keep your back well straight.

3- Lunge exercise

Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Take one giant step forward, then first slowly lower your body, bending the knees.

Remember to keep your back and upper body straight, and don’t bend your knees more than 90 degrees. Then repeat with the other leg in front.

After the training

So be aware, dear, that your buttocks after exercise are in the repair cycle, and for this, your nutrition after exercise is very important. Choose the type of food we mentioned with the appropriate amount in order to increase the size of your buttocks.

Simple tricks to make your buttocks look bigger

Here are some tricks that contribute to making your butt look bigger:


You can change the appearance of your buttocks and make them appear larger by wearing high-waisted  jeans or a short dress with a slightly wide belt.

High heels:

Wearing high heels accentuates your butt muscles and makes your buttocks look bigger.

Standing and Sitting:

While sitting and standing, keep your shoulders square and lift your head up. And keep your hips and below the pelvis in a neutral position. This will make your backside more visible, reduce your body size and make your chest appear larger.

How to walk: Imagine that there is a straight line on the ground in front of you, and it is located exactly below your belly button, in the center between your feet. As you take a step, move your foot toward the center of your body, and place it on this imaginary line. Then place your other foot on this line, directly in front of your first foot,  one foot in front of the other and Continue walking this way.

If the above tips don’t give you the result you were aspiring for, you can try fillings or surgery to augment the buttocks.