How to remove skin tags?

How to remove skin tags?

Skin tags are non-accidental growths that don’t cause any problems, and in most cases, these growths are removed for aesthetic reasons only, especially for women, and large ones may cause some inconvenience, and here is a detail on how to remove the skin tag:

 1 – Surgery

There are several surgical methods that fall under the context of how to remove skin tags, and these treatments help in removing these growths, including:


used to remove skin growths , and close wounds.


is used to freeze the excess, through liquid nitrogen.


It is used to remove skin appendages from its base, using surgical scissors.

2- Skin tag removal products

There are several preparations that are used to remove the skin tag. It is recommended to clean the skin with alcohol before applying the product to increase its absorption into the skin. These products cause a tingling sensation in the skin, and the skin tags are usually completely cured within two to three weeks.

 3- Skin tag treatment device

There is a device dedicated to remove skin tags, and it works by cutting off blood flow to the skin tag. The cells in the skin tag cells lose the ability to multiply and survive when blood is cut off from them, so these cells start to die little by little and then disappear within ten days.

4- Home treatment

There are simple home remedies that are able to treat skin tags, but it may take a long time to heal completely, as surgical methods are more rapid than natural home methods, and these methods include: 

Banana peel 

helps dry and get rid of the skin tag. For best results, it is recommended to put banana peel on the skin tag, cover it with a bandage, and leave it on for an entire night.

Apple cider vinegar

A piece of cotton can be dipped in apple cider vinegar and put this piece on the skin tag, and then cover the area with bandages for 15-30 minutes and wash the skin after that. It is advised to continue treating the skin tag in the same way for several weeks until it disappears permanently.

The acidity of apple cider vinegar helps break down the cells around the skin tag, causing it to dry out and fall completely.

The Garlic 

helps reduce inflammation. It is recommended to put crushed garlic on the skin tag, then cover the place with bandages and leave it overnight. Be sure to wash the area in the morning, and repeat the treatment until the skin tag is completely gone.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil helps in the treatment of many skin diseases, including appendages, as you put a few drops of this oil on a cotton ball and leave for ten minutes on the appendages and repeat the process three times a day for a week until the appendages fall off, this treatment should be used with caution because of the possibility of irritation in the skin due to This oil is therefore not used on the growths on the eyelid.

But advice from me, dear reader, it is better for you that a dermatologist gets rid of these growths in quick and clean ways, and a person doesn’t have to rely on himself to do so. And the reason for preferring to visit the doctor is that he has sterile tools, while your use of your own tools can end up causing some infections.

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