How to choose the correct shampoo for your hair?

How to choose the correct shampoo for your hair?

Summer is already here and, in addition to a good tan, we all want to boast of great. In case you don’t? We know that you are wanting to meet your body with the sand and the rays of the sun, but you must be careful. If you do not take the appropriate precautions, you can damage your skin and hair. The sun deteriorates the color of the hair and if we wear it much more. So we are going to give you some tips to take care of your hair so that you end the summer with hydrated hair and the perfect color.

Tips to take care of your hair

  • Protect your hair when you are sunbathing with scarves or a hat. Always take it with you when you are at the beach or pool.
  • Use protectors, we recommend La Rapidilla, it is a hair mask with sun protection, thanks to the licorice extract and sage they make a film around the hair protecting the color. Also, since it contains aloe vera, avocado, and jojoba oil, they hydrate the hair. So, when you finish your day of sun, beach or pool you will wear an impressive mane.
  • To get rid of chlorine, salt, and sand residues from the hair we recommend Abeja Reina, it is a restructuring and moisturizing shampoo, which thanks to highly nourishing jojoba oil, helps to retain moisture in the hair, thus improving elasticity and smoothness. Also, it regulates the pH of hair and skin. Its grapefruit aroma refreshes and leaves a pleasant smell throughout the day.
  • To give hair softness and shine without adding weight, we can use El Limonero serum. If we apply it after the bath, its effects are similar to those of La Rapidilla. But by highlighting its excellent hair protector against heat, we also recommend using it and protecting hair from the sun’s rays.
  • We also advise you to collect your hair. The pool or the beach is not the best place to show off their hair. You already know that if you spend too much time in the sun, your hair will be punished. So collecting hair is a very easy trick that will save you trouble. It is also very comfortable. Pigtails, buns, or braids, anything goes to protect us.
  • Finally, avoid irons and hair dryers. You do not need to dry your hair in summer since it is hot and it will not take long to dry. So do not damage your hair with irons or dryers, please be more natural, like life itself. Although if it is inevitable, use it at medium temperature to damage the hair as little as possible.

The hair undergoes small changes throughout the year due to metabolism, stress, and feeding problems. But if we also add the high temperatures of the summer, swimming pools, beaches, humidity, and heat without protection, the result can be a punished, dry, opaque, and elastic hair.

Likewise, we remind you that all La Fresca products are free of substances of petrochemical origin, silicones, and sulfates. They also contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals thanks to the mixture of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, hawthorn, marigold, licorice, or Gotu Kola.

Now you are a little more prepared to enjoy the summer with the mane in the wind. Follow our tips to take care of your hair and go crazy!