How is the wonderful cucumber shoulder mask for the face?

How is the wonderful cucumber shoulder mask for the face?

Fighting against the passage of age is not easy because, although we refuse to accept it, time fulfills its duty, from a moment we go from having smooth and soft skin to one where wrinkles, dryness, and blemishes appear.

In nature we find the best allies for health and to restore, in large part, the vitality and youth to our body, the cucumber cuhombro is one of those fighting companions that never disappoints us.

Thanks to its minerals, vitamins and its high water content, the cucumber cuhombro hydrates and protects the skin, for these reasons it is used from the very beginning of humanity as an ally of it, because it hydrates and softens it, minimizing effects of time.

When we talk about cucumber, we generally associate it with two things, salad, and masks, many do not like salads, but they are aware and even fans of cucumber to maintain a youthful, clean and hydrated complexion, those images of the grandmother or the aunt with two slices of cucumber on each of her eyes ceased to be recipes of yesteryear to be used with great fervor and discipline by men and women of all ages.

To put this incredible fruit of nature on sunburned skin is to recover it quickly if, after a day exposed to the sun on the street or the beach, the cucumber will soon end this redness and inflammations.

Cucumber is your skin’s best friend because by keeping it hydrated it generates the production of collagen and elastin keeping it young and healthy and elastic. This vegetable recovers the face of dark circles and bags making those who use it regularly take years off and stop looking tired.

The cucumber is great to avoid acne because it eliminates toxins and works hard against the fat that accumulates on the face, it not only hydrates, but it is an astringent that will avoid uncomfortable moments due to the appearance of annoying pimples.

Since you know all its benefits, we are going to teach you how to prepare cucumber masks for you to use regularly and give your skin the best gift, health, and youth.

Cucumber, honey and olive oil mask

Take a cucumber, peel it and cut it into cubes, put it in a container and add a tablespoon of honey and another of olive oil, crush with a spoon or fork, refrigerate for 30 minutes and put it on the face for 20 minutes, then remove and rinse With warm water.

Cucumber and Egg Mask

Put in the blender in the food processor 1 medium cucumber without peel, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and the yolk of an egg. Blend or process until you reach a homogeneous paste that you will put on the skin for 30 minutes, then remove it with cold water.

Having younger, cleaner skin is an easy decision to make, judiciously applying these two masks, everyone will notice the health of your face, so there are no excuses for not wearing a hydrated face.