How do I keep my skin moist, fresh, and fair in winter?

How do I keep my skin moist, fresh, and fair in winter?

Dryness during winter, mainly appears on the skin of the face, hands, and legs, which are the parts of the body that is most vulnerable to weather damage and with the low temperatures in winter, it becomes important to follow a specific and intense routine to maintain skin moisture and take care of it. Perhaps you are among those who think that using moisturizers a lot is one of the best solutions that help prevent dry skin, but we are here to tell you there are a number of simple steps that you can follow to maintain skin moisture during cold winter days, so know them

Drink adequate amounts of water

As you know, water is an essential source for the health of the body and skin, so make sure that you drink sufficient quantities of water, which will help you maintain the moisture and health of your skin. 

Be sure to eat healthy foods

because the skin, like all parts of the body, needs proper nutrition, and among these foods are fresh fruits and vegetables that protect the skin and maintain its health. 

Beware of a hot shower

hot water looks great in cold weather, but intense heat breaks down fats and loses a lot of moisture. Bathing in lukewarm water with oatmeal relaxes the skin and protects it from drying out. 

You have to moisturize your skin

Maintain the freshness of your skin by deep moisturizing, and massaging it gently using natural oils to protect it from drying in the winter, as deep moisturizing works to preserve the skin and clean it of impurities, and do not forget to moisturize your lips as well as to protect them from chapping. 

Reducing the skin peeling routine

Skincare experts recommend reducing the skin peeling routine during winter days to once every week or two, unlike summer days, where the skin needs constant exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells. 

Applying sunscreen

Some believe that sunscreen should be applied in the summer only, but in fact it should be applied in the winter, as well, to protect the skin from the sun and harmful UV rays. 

Work on changing the cleansers you used to clean your skin

because they cause a dry skin, and replace the types that contain glycol acid or silicic acid with types that contain moisturizing elements.

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