What does your eyebrow shape reveal about your personality?

What does your eyebrow shape reveal about your personality?

The eyebrows are of great importance for the symmetry of the contours of the face, and are not only defined by the facial expressions but also highlight the beauty of the eyes. But what you do not know is that the eyebrow drawing expresses the personal qualities that you have, according to some experts. Discover with us the secrets of your personality through the shape of your eyebrows and  how to make them thick naturally :

Natural eyebrows


The owner of these eyebrows is bound by the laws. She has a generous personality and loves simplicity in everything. She is a loyal friend who shies away from drama in her relationships, which makes people rally around her and want to accompany her.

 Eyebrows straight

Show that you are honest and not afraid to tell the truth, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the feelings of others. You are a rational person and you use logic in your life. Straight eyebrows give you a loving childlike look, through which you gain sympathy and trust of others.

Arched eyebrows

Very feminine, the owner of arched eyebrows is characterized by a good cheerful personality who tends to be joking, but it takes a long time to find confidence in others. She also loves fame and lights, and the higher the height of these eyebrows, the more their owner is the focus of everyone’s attention.

Sharp eyebrows

The sharp eyebrows suggest a serious impression at first glance, but the owner of this shape carries in her personality a gentle side. She knows what she wants, and carries out her decisions and tasks to the fullest.

Short eyebrows

These eyebrows indicate that you are a person who pays attention to all the details and narrow ranges, meticulous in your work that makes everyone around you respect and appreciate you. You do not like those who complain about life’s difficulties, although you are sometimes unable to take control of matters, but you can achieve your goals no matter how bumpy the road is.

Thick eyebrows

You have a strong personality and you are so confident in yourself and. You know your inner and outer capabilities, which is why you do not care about the opinions of others.

Round eyebrows

A guide to the nice woman who possesses fitness, good sense and delicate taste. You are a persistent person who seeks to achieve your goals with enthusiasm, confidence and patience.

Thin eyebrows

A guide for sensitive women who avoid controversies and try to show the bright side of life. During the sessions you are a good listener, able to give advice objectively.

Long eyebrows

Long eyebrows show that you are a woman who controls her anger and manages her life well. You rush to work with energy and enthusiasm, which makes you a lot on the move.

Triangular eyebrows

You are a very responsible, leadership woman, in control of all of your relationships. Your pointed eyebrows also reflect your energy-filled personality.

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