The Mystery Of Overton Bridge That Drives Dogs To Suicide!

The Mystery Of Overton Bridge That Drives Dogs To Suicide!

Lottie MacKinnon was sitting in the corner of a café with her two children, as she talked about the day she was walking with her dog, Bonnie, over the Overton Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland. “I was sure she was dead,” she said quietly. Something overcame Bonnie as soon as we got close to the bridge. At first, it stopped, but then it became possessed with a strange energy and it ran and jumped off the bridge. ”

Is the reason for the suicide of the dog is an evil force?

But Mackinnon’s dog is one of the hundreds that the Scots insist has been forced to throw herself from the Gothic stone building since the 1950s. Many ended up dying on the jagged rocks of the deep valley below. Consequently, residents of Dumbarton, northwest of Glasgow, began to call Overton – a century-old bridge spanning a 50-foot strait – the ‘dog suicide bridge’.

In a land full of myths, legends, and monsters, the bridge has been at the center of an enduring mystery, and the question remains persistent: Why do so many dogs suicide? And the strange thing is that the dogs that survived the deadly jump, would get out of the water immediately and climb again towards the bridge to throw themselves a second time .. and a third .. until they died !!.

So, why do dogs do this when they are animals that have no known passion for suicide? ..

The palace and the bridge are old and horrible:

No one knows… Even the scientists themselves didn’t find a convincing answer despite all the research that they conducted… They came up with theories, most of which revolve around the effect of the sound of river water under the bridge, and about mink animals that live near the river water and which they claim to smell She lures dogs down and seduces them by jumping.

But why do dogs only jump over the bridge and not the cliff near it? Why the dogs jump from a specific spot just above the bridge? … all of these are questions for which the scientists have not found an answer.

People near the bridge have different opinions from the opinions of scientists regarding dog suicide, some of them link the matter to the old palace adjacent to the bridge, as this palace was built by a wealthy nobleman in the Victorian era, and it was used as a madhouse at the beginning of the twentieth century. People say that the bridge is haunted by the spirit of a crazy person who was a resident of the palace. This madman had thrown his young child from the bridge into the water of the waterfall, and from then on the dogs began to jump, committing suicide from the bridge! ..

What a story… Some may find it difficult to believe… But a closer look at the palace and the bridge .. with their  Gothic style covered by the fog, the dark, cold and desolate forest .. will make a person reconsider what is believed or not.

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