The Hidden Secrets Behind The Most Popular Magic Tricks

The Hidden Secrets Behind The Most Popular Magic Tricks

In this article we will reveal secrets behind 5 of the most famous magic tricks. Magic tricks are a great way to please kids and make them happy, sometimes despite these amazing actions, even grown-ups can’t be impressed “BUT HOW THIS CAN BE POSSIBLE?”

For everyone who wants to explore the truth, we can now reveal all the hidden secrets behind 5 of the most popular magic tricks.

1-Pulling a rabbit out from a hat:

To do the trick, you need a rabbit, a table covered with a tablecloth, a piece of cloth, and a hat. Take a squared piece from a thick black cloth and tie the four corners together, put the rabbit inside this temporary bag. Hang up the bag on a hook beside the table you are going to face it on the presentation show. Tablecloths must be organized in a way that prevents the public from seeing the bag. At the beginning of the event, show the top hat to your crowd to prove that there is nothing inside, then place the hat on the table, with the opening toward the table surface. Now, for the most important part of the trick, with easy and secret moves, quickly take up the hat from the edge and put the bag under the hat. Now perform some moves to pretend that you summon something, take out the hat from the table and reveal it on the rabbit and show it to the audience.

2-Making smoke rising between your fingers:

Take a matchbox and cut aside from it. Separate the truly flammable surface from the box, pleat the strip to the half and turn it on. Let it completely burn, then get rid of it and collect the resulting firescratchs. The remaining white phosphorus is what you need to make the trick work, now all you have to do is slowly scrub your thumb and forefinger to make them smoke, after the presentation do not forget to clean the mess behind with your hands.

3-Bend a spoon:

To master this trick, first, you have to hide a silver penny in the palm of your hand. When you are ready to bend the spoon, catch the penny in a way that only the top can be seen. Place the coin on the top of the spoon to look like you are grabbing the spoon. Press on the oval end on the table with making an empress that you are making a great effort to “bend” the spoon. While you are doing this, let the strip fall from the backside of your hand. Because the coin header appears, the spoon looks that it started bending.

4-The “ZIG-ZAG” lady:

This amazing trick uses a bunch of 35cm high boxes and a 20cm high moving platform. When the assistant enters the lower box, she sits on top of a hidden spring-operated hole.

The hole opens to an empty room inside the moving platform. When the magician closes all the holes in boxes, the girl slides through the hatch and sits cross-legged inside the interior room.

Every box of the first three contains two holes: one real and the other is fake. When they stacked on top of each other, the real hatches make a human-sized door.

In another way, the fake holes were redesigned to reveal 5cm deep niches. Inside of each niche, there are pieces of a model that looks like the real model torso and the royal assistant.

When the show starts, the magician take all these 3 boxes and merge between them to stagger the audience.

when he finally opens boxes, the audience sees random parts of the assistant torso. of course we are talking about simple model pieces inside those fake holes.

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