The Greatest Revenge In History To a Woman In Love …. “Revenge Of Olga”

The Greatest Revenge In History To a Woman In Love …. “Revenge Of Olga”

This true story was of a woman who loved her husband and her prince .. So who is Olga !

In the year 945 AD it had been more than four years since the marriage of Prince Igor, Prince of Kyiv, to his wife, Princess Olga, who was said to be of Bulgarian origin and was said to be from another Russian tribe, but the most likely saying is that he married her from a Scandinavian country because the name Olga is a name that is spread between residents of Norwegians, Danes, and Swedes … and the couple had a great love story and they had their son Svyatoslav, and none of them knew that this year would be the year of eternal separation.

Prince (Igor Rurik), Prince of “Kyiv”, was murder in 945 AD in a brutal manner by a tribe living in eastern Europe called the “Drevlian” tribe, They folded two trees until they met, and then tied him between them, then released the two trees, which led to the splitting of his body in half.

After his murder, his wife Princess (Olga) assumed power, and the Drevlian tribe sent its best men to persuaded her to marry their prince, who wanted to rule Kyiv and control her throne only.

(Olga) avenged to her husband and buried these men alive, then sent a messenger from her to Prince (Mal), the leader of the Drevlian tribe, to inform him that she had agreed to marry him, and she wanted more brave Drevlian men.

His men reached her city, Kyiv, and entered the Queen’s castle, who welcomed them, and then she ended their lives by burning alive. At that time Olga planned solemn mourning for her husband, in which she invited many drevlians and their soldiers .. and,  her soldiers slaughtered over 5,000 soldiers from Drevlians who participated in the mourning.

With this, Olga killed the best Drivelan men and prepared her armies to invade the Drevlians to destroy the rest of them, so she did indeed besiege them, and during the siege, the Drevlian people begged her to leave them alive in exchange for their production of honey. So she decided to pardon them in exchange for 3 doves from each house.

The people of Drevlian agreed to this condition and they saw it like an easy condition, but what is the secret behind the 3 doves? After they give her the birds, her soldiers tied a piece of flaming cloth covered with sulfur, tied it with a long thread to the feet of the birds! And she left them to return to their nests in the farmers’ homes in the city, to burn them completely, and during the flight of the people of the city, Olga ordered her soldiers to arrest them, to kill some of them and take others as her slaves.

With this, Olga eliminated an entire tribe in revenge for her husband the prince , whom she loved too much.