Mexico’s “Terrifying Dolls” Island … The Most Dangerous Place In The World

Mexico’s “Terrifying Dolls” Island … The Most Dangerous Place In The World

Xochimilco, the island of Mexican dolls, 20 kilometers south of Mexico City, is one of the scariest places in the world. It contains hundreds of crucified dolls and dolls. It was discovered by chance 10 decades ago when the Mexican government launched a campaign to eliminate “water lilies”.

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” indicated that there are many stories written about this island, that the story began in the twenties of the last century when there was a small boat flowing on the banks of the island of dolls carrying a small family consisting of a man and his wife with their little daughter, and the little girl wore a white decorated dress  and she was sitting quietly near the stern of the boat while she was playing and laughing with her doll, which her father had given her on her last birthday, and while the parents were busy talking, their daughter left her doll aside and bowed over the tip of the boat in an attempt to catch a lily that was floating on the surface of the water. She fell in the water, so her father quickly jumped into the water to try to save her, and the father dived into the water repeatedly, but no avail .

The girl disappeared completely, even the divers couldn’t find her body, and since then a frightening legend has spread between the locals about a little girl wandering between the islands at night in search of her beautiful doll, which she left in the boat with her parents.

In 2001, the body of a man named “Don Julian”, who is the only inhabitant of this island, was found floating on the surface of the water in the same spot where he had seen the ghost of the drowning girl half a century ago, and no one knows exactly how or why Don Julian died, And some farmers and residents near Don Julian Island went spreading strange stories about the island’s dolls. They said that they looked at them strangely as they passed boats across from the island, and some swore that the dolls were whispering amongst themselves.

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