6 Interesting Facts About The Japanese Aokigahara Forest

6 Interesting Facts About The Japanese Aokigahara Forest

The Japanese Aokigahara Forest is one of the most mysterious places in the world due to the thousands of suicides that have embraced every corner of the forest in the world. According to legend, these forests are inhabited by devils. In 2002, 78 bodies were found after their suicide. For decades, people have come from all over Japan to commit suicide in Okijhara, And official statistics indicate that since the sixties, about 100 people commit suicide yearly in the forest, and no reasons have been found for these people to resort to suicide in this place until now.

With the multiple reasons for choosing hundreds of people yearly to commit suicide in that bleak forest with a bleak history, we review in the following report the most interesting facts that revolve around the reality of the Japanese Aokigahara Forest …

1- Suicide threads in Okjahara

Once you enter the forest of suicide, the threads of cloth are the first things that are noticed. Although it doesn’t seem terrifying, the real horror lies in the reason for the existence of these threads.

The origin of the use of threads in the Japanese forest Aokigahara is to use them as a way out in the event that the person changes his mind about ​​suicide, but most of the time the owner of those threads doesn’t leave the forest forever.

The beauty of the Japanese Aokigahara Forest disappears once you follow the path of the threads, which often end with the body of a suicide hanging from a tree.

2- Personal belongings

Most of the horrific discoveries that litter the forest of suicide are many of the personal belongings of people who have committed suicide, as there are often cell phones, computers, clothes, bottles of drinks and medicines.

3- Aokigahara forest corpses

The number of suicide cases in the Aokigahara Forest is not isolated or rare. Every year, the average number of bodies discovered by the Japanese authorities or visitors exceeds 100 bodies.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing in the Aokigahara forest is the presence of human remains and bones, whose owners chose to suicide long ago, and their corpses were not discovered until they decomposed, leaving nothing only bones.

4- Camping in the Aokigahara forest

The camping is impossible inside the Japanese suicide forest, besides the dark and frightening nature surrounding that forest, it is very easy for the visitors to lose their way inside the forest, which exposes them to the risk of death freezing due to the difficultly low temperatures at night.

5- Evil spirit and the ghosts of suicide

The existence of myths and beliefs about a place such as the Japanese Suicide Forest is very logical because of the nature that surrounds it, as many Japanese believe that the Okejahara Forest embraces an evil supernatural force that existed as a result of the practices of the Japanese over time.

And the most famous of these practices is what was happening in the nineteenth century, when every Japanese family brought their elderly and left them in the woods until they “died in dignity” according to the beliefs of that period.

In addition to the cruel and hideous practices and beliefs of the Japanese, there are many local accounts of the ghosts of the dead who inhabit the forest of suicide and encourage people within it through their whispers to commit suicide and get rid of their lives.

6- The birth of the Okjahara forest

The creation of the forest was due to a volcanic eruption from Mount Fuji in the year 864 and the result of that was 12 square miles of spreading lava that quickly transformed into Aokigahara Forest once nature recovered as trees and grasses grew profusely, and this volcanic eruption led to the formation of strange cave systems within Much of the forest is still undiscovered. The ancient Japanese worshiped Mount Fuji as a deity, and this created a spiritual bond and respect for this mountain from the locals.

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