The Devil’s Sea! Bermuda Triangle II …What Do You know About it?

The Devil’s Sea! Bermuda Triangle II …What Do You know About it?

A new mystery baffles scientists and humans, as it is the equivalent point of the famous Bermuda Triangle, but it is located in the Philippine Sea, and many accusations have been made of it that it swallows ships over the past centuries.

We have all heard before about the Bermuda Triangle, the spiral of death in the Atlantic Ocean in the area near Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, which hijacks planes and ships to an unknown fate, and because of which thousands of people have disappeared to the unknown.

A surprise that many didn’t know is the “Dragon Triangle” or “Devil’s Sea”, which was spotted in the Pacific Ocean in the Sea of ​​Japan, also close to Japan.

The Devil’s Sea, or the Dragon’s Triangle, has been mentioned in the Filipino heritage for centuries, and it is strange that there are many mysteries about this phenomenon that the Filipinos didn’t want to talk about and to remain influenced by it for themselves.

Myths surrounding the Devil’s Sea or “Dragon’s Triangle” date back to the year 1000 BC in China. People believed that there was a mythical dragon living under the surface of the waters of the Pacific Ocean, kidnapping ships, sailors, and fishermen to the depths of the ocean in its own underwater cave.

In the thirteenth century, the invader Kublai Han, grandson of Genghis Khan, was said to have tried to sail in that region again and again, and he lost a large number of soldiers and sailors, reaching 40 thousand people, in the Devil’s Triangle.

The strangest thing is that in a later period of time, the Japanese search ship, Kaiyo-Maru, went to study the area, but the shock was that the entire ship disappeared in the Dragon Triangle in 1953 and everyone on board disappeared, and it was not only the Filipinos who linked the disappearance of humans to a triangle of the Dragon, also writer Charlize Berlitz linked the disappearance of Emilia Earhart to the Dragon Triangle.

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