Atlantis is Not Only … 5 Lost Cities, That Have Not Yet Been Found

Atlantis is Not Only … 5 Lost Cities, That Have Not Yet Been Found

Some recent reports have prompted a new altercation about “Atlantis”, and wondered if the famous lost city actually existed and if it existed before, where was it located before its watery demise? The ancient city is one of the most famous historical cities that are of interest by scholars now.. . But in the end, Atlantis wasn’t the only city lost in human history, there are a large number of cities that researchers and archaeologists are still searching for to try to understand ancient civilizations. From here, I will give you the 5 famous lost cities in history:


Thinis was the city of ancient Egyptian civilization, prepared to be the capital of ancient Egypt, and the city is referred to in religious texts as the Book of the Dead, and despite references to this city in literary sources, the exact location of the city is still unknown, and thus remains a great mystery among archaeologists and scholars of Egypt.


It is located in the state of Turkey and carries with it the events of the famous historical Trojan War, and time is not the reason for the loss of the trace of that city, but what caused the total loss of its is the building of a group of cities over that historical city, so that it became difficult to know exactly where the city of Troy was. Therefore, Troy has not been found yet, and we don’t know exactly where it is located between all those cities that were built on top of each other.

According to ancient myths, a Tinia or “Troy” was built to house prisoners after the Trojan War and then it grew into a place for the rich in the Roman era, and it is believed that the whole amount of worthy artifacts that have been found supports claims that Troy was a place of wealthy people.

City Z

Legend says that the city of Z is located in the deepest region of the Brazilian forests, and this lost city was of an advanced civilization and has an advanced network of bridges and temples, it was famous for its modernity despite its existence in ancient times, but there was no evidence of its existence at all, but in recent years it has been The discovery of the city of Klehikugu in the Amazon rainforest, and its ruins dating back to an advanced engineering civilization, and some have guessed that it may be the origin of the myth of the city z.


It is found in southern South America, and it is a mythical city and is believed to be located in the southernmost region of South America, and the city has never been found until now and therefore it is considered a legend more than any other lost city, and to this day it has not been found, and it is called that city Also the name of the wandering city.


The Greek philosopher Plato says about it: (Atlantis was an island consisting mostly of mountains in its northern part, and a large rectangular plain in the southern part of the island. As for the city, it was circular in shape with an area of ​​approximately 17 km extending across the plain where the majority of people lived in it).

Plato continues by describing Atlantis that it lies beyond the Pillars of Hercules and existed before the great Pharaonic civilization. But it sank at sea about 1,800 years ago after it was a great naval power with great victories and achievements.

Except for what is stated in Plato’s description, scholars have not found manuscripts or real historical evidence pointing to the location of this great city. Despite the many Guesses regarding the possibility of its existence, the location of Atlantis remains a mystery that baffles scholars.

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