8 Of The Strangest Archaeological Discoveries That Have Not Yet Been Explained!

8 Of The Strangest Archaeological Discoveries That Have Not Yet Been Explained!

Every day archaeologists all over the world discover very important archaeological sites that tell about ancient civilizations and mysterious daily life of the human, and behind these discoveries are many mysterious and exciting stories and secrets, from here, we present the strangest of these archaeological discoveries that have not yet been explained by our archaeologists.

1- Stone Balls in Costa Rica

More than 300 strange rock balls were found scattered in various regions of Costa Rica, and some scholars believe that they were made by hand by the Deicis civilization that flourished between 700 and 1530 AD. But no one knows what is the purpose of its construction or how it was refined in this regular circular shape.

2-Giant Eggs in Russia

In the Chechen Republic of Russia, giant fossil eggs were found much larger than normal dinosaur eggs, more than a meter in diameter, and are believed to have been laid by an unknown giant dinosaur about 60 million years ago.

3-Voynich Mystery Manuscript

This manuscript contains cosmic secrets that no one knew about before its discovery, noting that it was written in the fifteenth century, as this manuscript contains drawings and fuzzy shapes, and an explanation of the shapes of hundreds of plants of which only 16 plants are known, and it deals with bodies Astronomical and space unknown to people at the time the manuscripts were written, they are called the Voynich Scrolls according to the person who discovered them.

4-Ancient Aliens

A group of hunters lived in the Magdalena Valley, Colombia, next to farmers, goldsmiths, and potters 13 thousand years ago, where goldsmiths produced more than 100 small gold statues of animals and insects that were found in the cemeteries, But at the same time, ten statues were found that closely resemble modern combat aircraft, which are believed to have been in contact with Aliens.

5-Lizard Man Statue

Lizard Man Statue

In 1955, Leonardo Lee discovered a strange statue of a mother and child in a cemetery in Ur, which is a human body but with a head resembling a lizard’s head, It is said that the inhabitants of the Iraqi slave civilization had contact with aliens.

6 – Map of Ahmed Mohiuddin Al-Beri

Ahmed Mohiuddin Al-Beri was a well-known Ottoman leader, who loved to draw maps, and in 1513 he drew an incredible map, showing the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern shore of the Antarctic continent, Although Antarctica was an undiscovered continent at the time.

7-The Mysterious Rock in Lake Winnebesaukee

In the depths of a calm lake in the United States, a strange and mysterious oval-shaped rock was found, with fuzzy signals, and the source of the rock is unknown.

8- An Invention of The Ancient Greeks Predicted the Movement of Stars and Planets

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a strange archaeological machine was found in the wreck of a ship near the coast of Greece, so that this invention can be considered the first human-computer device, as this invention enables its user to know the movement of stars and planets, although its manufacture dates back to 2000 years ago.

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