7 Most Dangerous Books In History “Read it” And You Will Not Be Able To Sleep

7 Most Dangerous Books In History “Read it” And You Will Not Be Able To Sleep

Surely you have heard that a good book is a lunch for the soul that and gives you memorable lessons in life that expands your imagination, and travels you to places you never thought of, and through it it develops your wisdom, creativity, and inner peace.

But sometimes we find in this world acts as if they are derived from a nightmare, words that if you read them, you will experience disturbing experiences, make your stomach upset, and bad thoughts invade your mind when you go to sleep.

The titles of the books that we will list for you were considered in their time cursed and dangerous.

1- The rules of the Elders of Zion

In this book there are plans and reports that enable the Jews to control the world, and these plans and reports depend on wars, sabotage and destruction of countries in order to be able to achieve the goal.

2- The Euthanasia of the Author “James Harden”

This book has been classified as one of the most dangerous books on the human mind, and a large number of people have committed suicide because of it and it has been banned in a large number of countries of the world. The book talks about the types of suicide, and it contains 90 kinds of deadly poisons and other sharp tools to kill.

3- The Book of the Dead

The book of Nichronomikon talks about ancient entities and their history and how to communicate with them and evoke them. It is also said that whoever owns this book deficient will die in a terrible way that no one imagines.

4- Shadows from the walls of death

This book caused the death of many people. The reason for this is that its owner put arsenic on the book’s papers, which makes everyone who touches or smells this book dies immediately, and there are two copies of this book while they are in a museum in the United States under heavy guard.

5- Witch hammer

Malius Melgikarum’s book This book is one of the ugliest books, as it incites the killing of women and their relationship to witchcraft. Most of the magical acts are by women and the brutal methods of torment and killing of women in the Middle Ages and how sex is between a woman and the Devil.

6- The University Book

A book about a young man who lived a miserable and depressed life, and during his experiences he realized that life had no taste and was very boring, so he decided to kidnap a college girl and went with her to a hut and started raped her every day, and the girl died when trying to escape, also they found this book with the most famous killers, including Kinstover and Ed who raped and killed Many girls, as well as with the serial killer “Robert” nicknamed The Butcher of Kennesus, which indicates that the book pushes you to kill.

7- Sun of Knowledge

This book is an Arabic book from the last books that came about magic and Devils and how to evoke them. This book contains almost 600 pages. All the pages contain the names of the Devils Kings, the method of their evocation, recipes from the most dangerous types of devil at all, and many understandable and other incomprehensible information. This book is one of the most dangerous, prohibited,  and forbidden books as well.

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