10 Strangest Traditions Of People Around The World

There are many cultures and customs of peoples around the world, and they differ from one country to another, some of which are familiar to some, and some of them are strange to others, and in the following article pictures of a group of the strangest traditions of peoples around the world that you can’t imagine:

1- Cut the fingers

The women of the Indonesian tribe, Danny, are forced to cut a part of their fingers in the event of the death of a family member, considering that this causes them to suffer from physical pain in addition to the emotional pain they feel for the loss of one of them. Before the cut of the finger, the woman ties her fingers to a thin rope for 30 minutes to sedate it. Then she cuts off part of one of the fingers and cauterizes the tip of the amputated finger.

2-  Self-flagellation

The ritual of the Shia celebration of Ashura is one of the cruel and painful rituals because they flog themselves, cutting their skin with sharp tools.

3- Broken toilets at the wedding party

The strangest marriage tradition in Germany is that some families and friends of married couples “break tiles, toilets, dishes and mirrors in the newlyweds’ house on the wedding night, and then the husband and wife must clean the house completely from all this as the beginning of their lives.”

4- Monkey buffet

Every year in Thailand, a special feast is prepared for the foods the monkeys love to celebrate. More than 3 tons of fruits and vegetables are served and prepared on a giant table for monkeys located in the “Wobri” district of Bangkok.

5- Eat banana soup with dead bones

The Yanomamo tribe lives in villages in the Amazon forests, between Venezuela and Brazil, and is known for one of the strangest traditions.Where, in the event of a person dying, they will wrap the corpse in the papers and allow the insects to tamper with it, and after 45 days, the bones are collected, crushed, and then mixed with banana soup and everyone eats it. according to tradition, this ritual helps ensure that this soul finds its way to heaven.

6- Prevent the newlyweds from showering

The people of North Borneo, Malaysia, prevent the newlyweds from showering or entering the bathroom 3 days before the wedding.

Parents indicate that they believe that this tradition will lead to a long and happy marriage, and the parents monitor the newlyweds closely during this period.

7- Bears worship

The people of the “Inu” tribe in Japan worship the bears, as they see them as “gods walking among people.” The people of the tribe consider that the sacrifice of the bear blesses the human soul, so they slaughter the bear, drink its blood, eat its flesh, then hang the skull and skin for their worship.

8- Carrying the wife and walking her on hot charcoal

According to Chinese tradition, a husband must carry his bride and walk on hot charcoal before crossing the threshold of their new home, as they consider that these rituals ensure that their life will be easy and successful.

9- Life with the dead

In the Toraja region, in Indonesia, some ethnic groups practice strange rituals that include living with the bodies of their relatives for several months before burial, where they keep the bodies in a separate room in the house.

10- Distorting faces

It is a tradition carried out by the English countryside. It is a competition that has been held since 1267, and the contestants compete to show the ugliest forms of their faces by placing a “horseshoe” around their face, in an attempt to make the face appear in the most ugliest possible, so that Peter Jackman is the hero of this game, he said. : “His teeth were pulled out in one of the courses for the competition.”

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